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  • Troy Williamson

    Haven't been keeping up with any mocks but anyone know what the chance is of this guy slipping to us and Denver drafting him?

    I don't know anymore about a D-linemen as far as immediate needs, probably moreso CB, and defense is probably the way to go but if there is any chance of this guy falling Denver needs to seriously think about drafting him.

    He's going to be the best reciever in this class in a couple years, and a future pro bowler, IMHO.

    Anyone else, if Denver somehow decides not to draft DLine or CB?

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    I dont think hell fall to us, and if he did i would be surprised if we took him.Hes a 1 dimesional deep threat player.Which if you didnt know we already have with Lelie.Add the fact that we have more pressing needs than WR (like CB, DL, OL, S) and you end up with a low probability of drafting a WR in the first round.

    Also, Mike Williams will be the best WR in this class, i guarantee it.Quote me on that.