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With the #56 Pick in the 2005 nfl draft the denver broncos select?

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    Depending on who is still availble at #56

    Dave Baas

    Marc Johnson

    Chris Spencer

    Richie Incognito

    Charlie Frye

    Jason Campbell

    Andrew Walter


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      Originally posted by BroncoInATL
      Jason Campbell is going at 25 (the pick we just traded to Washington) to the 'Skins in round one.


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        Adrian McPherson is who we should get. That or maybe Vincent Jackson.


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          Originally posted by Black59Razor
          Wasn't the Broncos Marlin Briscoe one of the first black QB's to play in the AFL in the sixties?

          yes, but I would think that a more recent vinatge woul dbe easier to recall for the purposes of refuting the post in question.

          I mean, how many people on here actually remember Marlin Briscoe? I don't, I just know of him because I try to know as much Broncos history as I can.

          But he works as well.

          Either way, ignorant statement.

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            Originally posted by Jared
            Are you really this ignorant, or do you just like getting reactions out of people?

            I seem to remember a QB by the name of Jarious Jackson who was an African-American who played for the Broncos.

            Actually Jackson would be the third. Marlin Briscoe, and some kid we had from UVA in the early '90s.
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              Enough with the racial remarks pinheads. Anyways I think if Vincent Jackson is still avalable at 56 we will take him off the boards.


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                I do not think Denver would care if the quarterback was black, yellow, orange or even purple as long as he did his job! This race card crap I saw on the Matt Jones thread, what we have fans that plan on wearing sheets here soon?

                And sorry to bust everyones little bubbles, Denver is not going to go quarterback in the 2nd, they will be looking at receivers cause the highly regarded receivers Denver likes are all considered 2nd round picks and yes that includes V. Jackson! Baas will be gone, and if Jackson is gone I think Denver will go with Bradley from Oklahoma. The only factor that may effect that is if Castillo is still on the board, Denver liked him. So it is a factor of value. And all the quarterbacks Denver covited at the combine are going to be available in the 3rd round. And yes for you sheet wearers, some are black get over it!
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