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  • Will you be dissappointed if...

    Name one player you'd be dissappointed about if we didn't draft him... I gotta go with Vincent Jackson, or Gerald Sensabaugh.

    How about you?

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    Adrian McPherson. If any player in the draft is worth taking a risk on, it's him.


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      I also like McPherson but if Vincent Jackson is there at our first pick and we pass on him for anyone other than maybe Jerome Mathis i would be really mad.


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        Originally posted by DarKliger
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        Dude, your sig!!! I'm impressed. Friend, you have the gift of foresight. There was a guy I had a coversation with, his name's Russ Lande. Used to be a B.L.E.S.T.O. rep with the Browns, until this year anyway. You can find him on Anyhow, we were talkin' about John Abraham. He told me-"I'd be half the man I am now to have that guy". We know what he meant by that. That's the same way I feel about Chris Leak. Good heads up.


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          Vincent Jackson also. I give a crap about McPherson or Mathis, but if we passed on Jackson when he was on the board I would have to say him and Ronald Bartell Jr.
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            The more I've had a chance to think about it, there's only 3 guys I really want in the draft and we MAY be able to get all of them w/our first 3 picks:

            1)Vincent Jackson would be an awesome pick at 56 and I think will be one of the gems of the draft
            2)Brandon Browner is slipping after a 4.65 40 but I know he's faster than that at game speed plus he's great in man coverage and is 6'3 tall. He may slip enough for us to have a shot at him w/pick 76
            3)I have a feeling Ernest Shazor may slip to us at 97 - he'd be great at strong safety, great tackler and big hitter. Like Browner I think his game speed is underrated.

            If we get any of those three, I will be happy and if we get two or all three my friggin head will probably explode with excitement.


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              Adrian McPhearson.
              Does it bother you that a Bronco fan might like a NON Bronco? Deal with it!

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                cant say who i will be disappointed if we dont draft
                because it really depends who is available to us at our pick

                if a guy goes before your pick, theres not a whole lot you can do, its just the way the cookie crumbles, but if there is a guy available and we dont draft him, you can be upset i guess, but most likely we'll be getting another guy who fills a more important need

                guys like vincent jackson are good picks, but i think skill positions are always elevated, OL guys are understated
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                  Will Fred Gibson be at 56?


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                    I would get upset if they did not take advantage of the Oline depth with at least two linemen in our first four.
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                      I agree I think its very important to take atleast 2 o-lineman this year so we won't be in panic mode next year.
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                        Originally posted by dman444
                        Will Fred Gibson be at 56?
                        If he is there, then it will be a hard pick between Gibson or Jackson


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                          in the whole draft, id say there are 2 guys i want, and they should be there at our 56 and 76 pick

                          1 - vincent jackson
                          2- adrian mcpherson

                          both guys should be there at these spots, unless a team reaches for either one of them.... or u may be able to flip the picks, and still be able to get both


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                            Logan Mankins, hes my baby.
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