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How About P Todd Sauerbrun?

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  • How About P Todd Sauerbrun?

    "Now that the Panthers have signed punter Tom Rouen, they have no plans to bring back Todd Sauerbrun, who has been involved in a number of off-the-field incidents ranging from a drunken-driving charge to being named in a report that he obtained steroids. Sauerbrun probably will not be released until after June 1, when the team would have to count only about $400,000 against their 2005 salary cap."


    Ok, so what if he may or may not have used roids, he's one of the best punters in the game! He can kick off, and he's better than any other punters we've had through here in a long time. Thoughts?
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    I'd take the guy, he's bad a$$ on Madden too.
    BRONCOS fan is in my blood!


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      A rookie is cheaper.
      Does it bother you that a Bronco fan might like a NON Bronco? Deal with it!

      Making fun of career threatening accidents because you dont agree with me is fun, right? Losers...