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KC's Cap after Surtain?

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  • KC's Cap after Surtain?

    KC's Cap space before P. Surtain was 1.874 Mil. (From Q.I. Sports)

    He signed a 7year 51 Mil contract with 14 Mil in guaranteed money.

    Does anyone know where this leaves their cap and how they can sign anyone else, even their rookies? This seems to push them way over the cap, eventhough they did get a great corner.

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    Cap Hits

    I am no capologist by any means, but I know that teams can often defer money in long-term deals so as not to take an immediate cap hit. They can also cut players either prior to the draft (as a few teams are doing), or later to free up cap space.

    Not having the second round pick they traded away will help them because they can go after signing their first rounder more aggressively and get him into camp on time. I'm sure they wouldn't have done the deal if it was going to blow up their cap this year. Surtain's contract will impact them down the road, though, but I'm sure they're prepared to eliminate some of their fat contracts in the future (Green, Holmes, Roaf) either through expected retirement, trades, etc.

    I think the thing that was hanging up the trade for Surtain has always been what the Chiefs would have to give the Dolphins in return. They had been balking at parting with a 2nd, but I guess they caved because they didn't want that hole at CB hanging over them tomorrow.

    Gotta give KC some credit. They finally realized that hiring a new coordinator with the same subpar personnel was not the answer. They've been aggressively trying to upgrade their defense this offseason: Surtain, Sammy Knight, Carlos Hall. Obviously, they're determined not to go 7-9 again.