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How many CB's do we freakin NEED????

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  • How many CB's do we freakin NEED????

    This draft is a BUST for the Broncos! Vincent Jackson was the pick that I sat for over 6 hours waiting to see. I was so excited that Denver was up and nobody had taken him...AND THEY PASSED ON HIM! Don't worry though all Bronco faithfull because we should be seeing pleanty of Mr. Jackson for the next 10 or so years...In a Chargers uniform becoming one of the all time greats whipping our butts twice a year.

    Did anyone else read the interview with Pat Bowen earlier this month when he said they werent even going to look at CB's because they had Champ Baily and liked what they saw in Lenny Walls? Nice draft Rabbit! With all of the holes we have (D & O line, backup/future QB and most of all WR) you chose to add three guys in a position that didn't need help in the fans and your owners eyes thus leaving this franchise pretty much where it was on April 22. Brilliant!

    With the rest of the AFC west improving, we may be in for a long cold winter.

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    its ok
    our WRs are still good

    rod smith
    ashley lelie
    darius watts
    nate jackson
    bj johnson
    triandos luke

    lots of potential in thos names their so we dont need Jackson.

    jackson wont whip our butts.
    we have champ bailey to stick him and what makes you so sure he will be that great anyway.shanny wants depth at cb and he got it.


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      How many posts like this do we need!?!?

      We understand you are dissapointed, but your voice is no sooner heard if you don't just include it in one of the other dozen cornerback threads.