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Draft went WELL!

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  • Draft went WELL!

    I happen to think we drafted as we needed to. I mean if you where to ask what the bronco's needed going into the draft I would say CORNERS CORNERS CORNERS. After watching manning pick us apart like we are nothing for the last few years and with moss moving in to our division shannahan did what he could only do which is take ALL the best he could. Yes none of these corners have the height to defend a randy moss but if your looking for another "Shut down" corner they did not exist in this draft to be honest. Denver did the best thing possible by trading the first pick in this years WEAK crop. Our next draft will be dominant after Washington stinks up the league yet again. Lastly, i don't fault the pick of clarett. Was it to early to pick him?? Yes but who's to say he wouldn't be there after things open Sunday... I look him as a project and who the heck is anyone to question shannahan when it comes to running backs. After seeing the splendor that is Denver’s running game for the last decade i am willing to go with the flow on this one. Quit biting in on the negatives involved and just realize that clarrett can do NOTHING to hurt us. The fact is we reached out to him and told him we believe in him so what makes you think he is going to be a problem. He has connections with denver as described with the running backs coach so I think for Maurice Clarret this the BEST possible place for him. Let's sit back and enjoy this thing!!

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    Only one we drafted will play this year maybe.


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      Says who?

      Was I just drafted by the Broncs, I would give it my all.

      None of us here got a damn crystal ball!
      - Go Broncos 2017 and Beyond! -

      Super Bowl 50 CHAMPIONS!


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        Shanahan said Paymah and Foxworth will get a chance to play in the nickel position as well. Denver also has former first-round pick Willie Middlebrooks; fifth-round pick Jeff Shoate; undrafted rookie Roc Alexander, who played extensively; and third-round pick Jeremy LeSueur, who was injured all last year and may be converted to safety.

        Is this unclear to you? Notice Shanahan DIDN'T say that Williams will be a nickel back! That's because he'll be a Punt Returner, pure and simple!

        Spending a 2nd round draft pick on a special teams punt returner!

        That's as stupid as Oakland drafting a kicker in the #1st round! GM's around the NFL would be laughing about this for years, except the pick of Maurice Clarett in the 3rd round was so ridiculous Shanahan's other draft bungles will be completely overshadowed.

        Think Williams will be a nickel corner anytime in the future? 5'8" Dungbatt Williams, meet 6'4" Randy Moss and 6'2" Jerry Porter!

        If you thought that Roc Alexander guarding Brandon Stokely was UGLY last year imagine Porter or Moss lined up on Williams!

        No! That will never happen, because Williams will NOT be on the field. He'll be returning punts for his career and playing solely on special teams. Once in a while at the end of a half or game when the team lines up with 5 or 6 defensive backs the human fly will be out there trying to jump up and reach Moss's kneecaps. But otherwise he'll be sitting on the bench.