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  • Hmmmmm.....

    After pondering our first day moves, this is my analysis:

    Of our first four picks, 2 might actually make the team, the others will be cut in training camp. Not exactly what you'd like from a second and three third round picks. I think this is the worst draft by any team on day one I've ever seen in my 31 years of life. Even the Saints giving up everything for Ricky Williams wasn't this bad. I'd have rather given up every pick we had this year to draft an impact player this year than just "throw away" our draft picks so freely like we did.

    I just got home from a long night at work where I got to stew over these picks and absolutely none of them makes sense to me. It almost seems as if we just threw a bunch of names into a hat and randomly drew them when we were on the clock. Watching us pass on guys like Vincent Jackson, Chris Henry, Adrian McPherson, Justin Miller, Bryant McFadden and many suitable offensive linemen only to draft three CBs, two of which will probably never make the final roster, and above all Maurice Clarett (who has made the Broncos franchise the laughing stock of the NFL) got me thinking.

    I think that Mike Shannahan and Ted Sundquist, among others, actually believe that our team needs no improvement other than CBs. Their first reasoning for drafting picks is entirely due to the player's potential based on one good season in college and not based on the entire package. In other words if the guy had one good year in college, that is enough regardless of how he played the other three years. Also, the Broncos front office seems to only rely on "speed" in other words, a player's 40 time, as the only really important attribute (although the Clarett pick still baffles me in this regard and many others). The drafting of Clarett hurts in so many ways. No longer can we say that "character" is important to the Broncos' organization in drafting or acquiring players nor can we take the moral high ground to Raiders' fans or anyone else about their "problem" players.

    I humbly apologize to Razor and MUG for any disagreements I may have had with them about the Broncos FO and their drafting abilities - you guys were right, I was wrong.

    I understand that there weren't a ton of glaring needs this offseason that needed "fixing" in this draft (at least for this season), but to watch us throw away our draft picks so carelessly, saddens and sickens me.

    Although I won't stop cheering for them and won't turn my back on the team I love so dearly - today, I am ashamed to be a Bronco fan.
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    great post man, couldn't agree more..