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Grade the first day of NFL Draft for the OTHER teams!

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  • Grade the first day of NFL Draft for the OTHER teams!

    We have a thread to grade the Denver Broncos on the first day of NFL Draft, but in this thread, why don't we grade the OTHER 31 NFL Teams in the NFL Draft, with, as usual, A being the highest, and F begin the lowest.

    I'll post my grades later!

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    I'll give it a start:

    Dallas: A+
    Demarcus Ware, Marcus Spears, Kevin Burnett! What's not to like? They're dancing in the streets in Dallas.

    San Diego: A
    Shawne Merriman, Luis Castillo, Vincent Jackson! Merriman a top DE/OLB who can rush the passer. Castillo, best tackle in the draft. Vincent, a 6'5" receiver in the 3rd with huge potential. Could be a TE or WR. Will make a great possession receiver and give fits to CB's with his size. These picks made a good team better! And next year the Chargers will trade either Phillip Rivers or Drew Brees for another #1 pick. The Chargers are on track and ready to roll for years now.

    I'm not happy.

    Baltimore: A-

    Mark Clayton, WR, Dan Cody, DE, Adam Terry, OT.

    Clayton was the 3rd best receiver, Cody a good DE prospect and Terry has the quickness to play LT in this league. Strong draft!

    Jets B:
    Here's Kirwan's observations:

    "I am sure that Justin Miller had a first-round grade in all 32 draft rooms, but multiple off-field incidents dropped him to this position. How smart of the Jets to take the kicker first and come back for Miller in this round. With Donnie Abraham probably retiring, he's a natural fit. And with Santana Moss gone to Washington, he's an instant impact player as a return (8 TDs on returns, including two against Florida State)."

    Of course, the Jets picked Miller 1 spot behind us taking Dogbutt Williams, a guy with less talent at DB and not as explosive a returner.
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