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Comparing Our Draft to the Raiders

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  • Comparing Our Draft to the Raiders

    Well, you should see what the Raiders fans are saying about THEIR draft. It makes me feel a little better that we're not alone in thinking our respective GM's are stricken with Mad Cow disease!

    on Raiders' #1 pick CB Fabian Washinton:
    "We gave up Jolley, a 2nd, a 4th & 2 6th's for this guy? He better be more than just a 'burnt toast' clone! " ["burnt toast" is the fan's nickname for former Raider CB Phillip Buchanon]
    -- SuperRaiderFan

    "Washington appears to be a good player. Hopefully he'll live up to his draft poistion. Apparently he is the fastest player in the entire draft -- what a surprise, huh?

    But, I'm still disappointed that we continue to ignore our pass rush problems. All the corners in the world won't help unless we get more pressure on the QB. I'm so sick of posting this it makes my sick.

    Hopefully we'll get Tuck or Roth at #38." [Needless to say, they Didn't get Roth or Tuck]
    -- "Phil R., hardcore Raider fan"

    "Once again Al Davis values athletes over football players.

    After looking up some info on Fabian Washington:

    Phrases like lacks football instincts. Lacks dicipline. Questionable worker. Outstanding athlete.

    Seems like a reach pick to me."
    - - JossJeff

    "Had to sift through the rubble to find my f****** keyboard. Not only do we draft yet another worthless f****** s*** a** cornerback, but WE TRADE UP to do it!!!!!!!!!


    My hair would be standing on end if it wasn't already laying in clumps all over the floor.

    Washington better be the reincarnation of Deion Freaking Sanders! Damn it all to F***! We should never draft a guy named Fabian on sheer principle alone. We are the Raiders, not a f****** Harlequin novel. And to top it off, DJ goes to the Chefs. Perfect. My whole weekend is shot now. Who gives a F*** who we take in round 2? Draft the f****** GoDaddy girl for all I care Al. F*** ME!"
    -- LimbReaper (edited to add asterisks)

    Frankly, I would have been happy with Fabian Washington instead of Dogbutt Williams, but I can see their fan's points.

    I just couldn't resist adding a few more:

    "Doug Jolley, a 2nd, 4th and (2) 6ths for a nickel cornerback who is undersized, understrength and can't tackle. Yeah, yeah we got a kick and punt returner but this joker would have been there at our next pick. And to be perfectly honest, I wouldn't have picked him there either.

    Sorry, but I think we got screwed by the pooch on this one."
    -- Attilla the Raider

    Well, this warms my heart a bit on this bleak Sunday, while I try to digest the horrible Broncos picks! We got a similar pick in Williams in the 2nd round.

    After the Raiders picked CB Stanford Routt in the 2nd:

    "WTF??? Why the HELL Draft another DB??? Stanford Routt??

    Well, it's official. Al has lost his marbles."
    -- Hadleyburg

    "It just got worse F***!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"
    -- FadetoSilverandBlack [Edited to insert asterisks]

    "This cannot be happening! Please someone tell me this is all a cruel hoax!"
    -- LifeReaper

    "I would have rather seen us draft Maurice Clarett than another DB."
    -- Raiders_Rock

    Ouch! That one hit a little close to home since WE DID draft that useless CHODE!

    "We are now the laughingstock of the entire league. This pick makes Detroits draft look enviable. Dementia has finally set in. Thanks Al."
    -- LimbReaper

    "I have it!!!! We picked STANFORD Fin ROUT to make us all forget about our 1st round pick. Now all of a sudden compared to this pick it doesn't look half bad............"

    "Hope nobody is going to try and spin this.

    Thiw is bad. Very bad. Embarrassing. The other AFC West foes are kicking our ass."
    --PhilR, hardcoreRaiderFan

    Well, not so fast there Phil!

    I particularly like this one!

    "Draft day for Raiders fans will be officially changed to kick to the groin day."

    ROFLOL!!!! I could get behind that one! Officially label Raider Draft Day "Kick to the Groin Day"!

    "Here is the can't miss opportunities in the NFL. 50/50 isn't good enough in this league. Look at Dallas. They kicked ass today. Dittto teams like Cincinnati, SF, SD and KC...we're sucking hind tit hard."

    After their 3rd Draft pick, Adrian Washinton, QB:

    "We just drafted a QB...

    AAAARRRRRGHGGGHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

    "Andrew Walters.

    OK that was pretty bad."
    -- SilverBlackMetal

    "this is bulls***, what in the f*** are we doing a QB, we need a de. a lb. or a guard, i m going nuts!"

    "This is THE WORST FU**** DRAFT EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

    "Well we have another draft pick coming up at 78

    If we don't draft a linebacker sometime today I'm going to explode!"

    Finally. . . .

    "Well, we aren't the biggest boneheads of the draft, with the last pick of the third round, Denver selects....

    Maurice Clarett!!!


    Even the lowly Raiders fans get to roast us over that imbecilic pick!

    Conclusion: While our draft sucked even worse than the Raiders (at least they drafted Washington who might be decent, although a reach in the 1st round), they are in the same boat as we are because they started with a MUCH weaker defense, and did very little to help it this year.

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    but then we drafted our players 1 round lower than theirs
    I dnno, because with our guys being small, some of them are at least players
    when i saw fabian washington / routt, i thought washington had all the royal qualities of a bust and the same for routt, the guy can run fast wow, wait can he do anything else?
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      i was actually applauding the raiders when they traded up and thought how lucky they were to get a good QB in rodgers to learn behind collins for a year, a guy who could of gone #1 and they jump ahead of the packers, brilliant i thought........then they selected washington and i just laughed, all week i heard how he was burnt all season (from husker fans as well) lol


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        for some reason whenever i go to other teams sites i cant find their message boards, can someone please help me out?


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          Just search Google for it.

          If for some unfathomable reason you want to troll the Raiders web-site: