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The best off season move the Broncos have made

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  • The best off season move the Broncos have made

    The best thing the Broncos have done this off season is signing undrafted Free agent Chad Friehauf. The Division 2 player of the year. He is goin to be a star, he will be challenging Plummer in a couple of year or be on some other team starting watch out for Chad Friehauf. Give me some responses if u agree with me? Give me some responses who know who he is?

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    1- Upgrading the d-line (hopefully)
    2- Getting Keith Burns
    3- Trading picks with Washington
    4- Drafting Myers and acquiring Browner
    5- Talking Munoz out of retirement ( one can hope )
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      i live in Golden and had the honor of being able to see Chad play basically whenever i wanted over the course of the last few years. He definitely is a smart player and has great abilty, i really hope we give him a chance to grow into a complete player...

      the addition of Myers and Browner were definitely great moves, and as long as the boys on the line stay reasonably healthy, this season should be fun to watch.


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        can he make it

        I grew up with that guy he is from my u think he can make it on this leval im sure there are a lot of doubters?


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          obviously, the level of competition he faced is gonna be the biggest concern... but he moves EXTREMELY well for a guy his size and really seems to know how to read defenses. it was kinda funny, my high school shares Brooks Field w/ School of Mines for the homecoming game and soccer games, and i must admit that the place is a VERY crappy stadium... they are petitioning to get a new one built, it is so tiny and run down. not a premier venue, but nonetheless a fun place to watch a game, sittin pretty at the base of the montains. anyways, i really hope Chad is able to stick on the team because the guy is a definite player.