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06 1st round pick for P. Rivers

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    Above all, I wouldn't want Rivers for one reason - MONEY. He signed a huge contract last year (got paid like a #1 pick). I wouldn't want to suck up his salary. We should just draft our own QB and negotiate the contract ourselves.


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      Originally posted by HORSEPOWER 56
      Above all, I wouldn't want Rivers for one reason - MONEY. He signed a huge contract last year (got paid like a #1 pick). I wouldn't want to suck up his salary. We should just draft our own QB and negotiate the contract ourselves.
      Oh do not think to take him we would not work a new contract out! Shanahan may make bad decisions now and then, but he isn't a moron. And I agree Rivers would still probably want a stiff contract, but also the fact Brees played over him and he hasn't really done much makes his overall value weaker. Denver will likely use there high pick on one of the top quarterbacks or the top if the cards fall right. The only way I do not see Denver doing this is if Friehauf or Van Pelt show something the coaches really like before next off season. My personal opinion of Van Pelt I will leave out of this but Friehauf is the best bet to stop Denver from getting a quarterback in the 2006 draft. Which would be great to have such a steal from an undrafted player, but Denver is good at that! Then when the draft arrives we'll be sitting pretty to trade around and get the best value unless there is a player Denver really wants so high on the boards.


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        Originally posted by topscribe
        Good analysis, IMO. If Plummer starts really living up to his talent now, we have him probably another six years. (The organization is NOT going to let him go in that case.) If not, as you mentioned, he will be gone sooner. In either case, another transplant wannabe is not the answer. Trades and FAs have worked before, but not that often, and it usually is not lasting. Therefore, I am in agreement that the Broncos must begin to look now.

        Even if Plummer works out, it usually takes a couple or three years for a QB to orientate to the system (look at Elway's numbers for his first two years). Maybe Rothlisberger did it, but let's see what he does after defenses have had a year to study him and adjust to him. Anyway, he is a rarity--an extreme rarity.

        We can look at our own past to view the misery of not having a good QB. Do we want deja vu all over again, as they say?

        Well I have some disagreement here.

        John Played with an abismal Oline for most of his career in DEN. He lasted till he was 37-38 years old. John basically started from day one in DEN, Yeah I know there were some games in the first year but for the most part He was the starter while in DEN. ONly had amarginal QB backing him up for his career in DEN.

        Thye saw no need to draft an heir apparent until the second to the last year of his career.

        Jake is 29-30 so unless he gets injured or really tanks it, I don't see Mikey wasting money on a BIG name rookie regardless of his stature, pedigree or name. Until they know for sure Jake is retiring. Even then I do not believe in drafting a big name QB regardless, the chances of getting a BEN R are slim and none. Gong thru a 3-5 learning curves is nuts. There are QB's that are drafted and for whatever reason do not work out witht eh club that are to be had, that would probably fit the need.

        Now drafting the kid from Mines sounds to me like betting on the come line OR most likely Training camp fodder. They never seem to have enough arms to make all the throws during camp. If he turns out to be great we got a steal same with Mauck. But in either case we don;t have some rookie QB sitting behind Jake or whoever for 3-4 years making 7-10 mil a year.

        All the blame of the offense is laid at Jakes feet. I have and will continue to support him as my teams QB, people tend to beleive that he is the root of all evil and is resopnsivble for everything that goes wrong on the offensive side of the game. I look at it as a team sport and while an important part he is only responsible to deliver the ball to either the receiver or RB. After said delvery unless he is reposnilbe for a down the field block, he is not responsilbe to make the yardage or catch the ball.

        Everyone who whined and cried about the 5-6 extra picks that he had last year. Had that not happened, with the exception of the brother of the ex bride, the guy that he stole the girl from, or the ones he made look stupid from time to time.
        Or for what ever the reason that some folks don't klike the guy, they are greasy lovers, wanted to see kordel in town WHATEVER the reason.

        Everyone would have been on his bandwagon saying how great he is.


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          Originally posted by Cugel
          Phillip Rivers was the #4 pick in the draft! If the Giants hadn't selected him, he would still have gone in the top 10 without any question. The 2004 QB class has been compared to the 1983 class with Elway & Marino! We don't know if they're that good, but most teams considered ANY of the top 3 QB's (Roethlisburger, Manning, and Rivers) better than Alex Smith or any QB taken this year. There was even widespread speculation that the 49'ers would trade their #1 pick over all for Rivers. San Diego early said that they would NOT consider doing this, and they were right not to do it.

          If he's traded next year it will be for a #1 pick -- a HIGH number 1 pick.

          P.S.: Where did I ever call you a moron?

          I might THINK that someone is a moron for having a tag-line that says "representin' the right with might" but I would never CALL ANYONE "MORON" nor do I use the words "IDIOT" or "IMBECILE" to describe anyone on these boards, no matter what delusional bilge they may put into their posts. That's just rude.

          I've also never called anyone here a "PINHEAD", a "BLOCKHEAD" or a "WATER-HEAD", nor have I used the terms "MICRO-BRAIN" "NUMBSKULL" or "NIMROD". I have never even described anyone here as a "GENETICALLY DEFECTIVE CRETIN", no matter what they may say.

          I think you are confusing me with someone else.
          I don't think I DID say you had......
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            I think Jakes got another 4/5 good years anyway. I dont see us drafting a QB high for 3/4 years yet. Instead if we need depth at the position we'll look at FA or later rounds in the draft. JP is the man, and i'm confident he'll have an excellent year. Lets get behind him and show him some support, cos love him, like him or loathe him he's our starting QB.


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              Originally posted by GoBrOnCoS16
              Its just a thought but lets say Brees has a great year next season and the chargers shop Rivers for a first round pick. Depending on which one of our picks will be more benificial for the trade, it isnt a bad idea. Afterall we do have two 1st rounders and Plummer isnt a long term solution to a important position in the NFL.

              I don't think the Chargers would shop him to us unless at a very steep price. Think of it this way: They trade him to us for one first rounder and say the 4th we got from the Red's. Rivers becomes the next coming of Farve (just someone since they compare the two a lot) and the Chargers only got a first rounder and 4th out of it? That would be them gettin mugged and being reminded at least twice a year when we woop them with Rivers.

              Not sayin Rivers will be that good: I lost favor for him since he was hypocritical and demanded so much money of the Chargers after sayin he was happy to be there. I am jus saying, I dont think the Chargers are THAT dumb
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                The QB currently in college who will have the best NFL career is Vincent Young of Texas.