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Charlie Friehauf... The future!?

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    Originally posted by Dean
    IMHO Brad Van Pelt's accuracy problems and inability to read defenses will spell his doom as a QB. I think that the Broncos have their "franchise QB" playing for them right now. He makes some poor decisions at times but so does Favre and others. The deciding factor is,"does the team win when he is under center?" So far the answer is yes.
    Well, I have to agree with you; Plummer has incredible talent. He needs to change only one statistic--and we know what that is. However, now that he is away from his feathered friends in Arizona and has been here a couple years, I think he is learning that he now does not have to win games all by himself, as he did there.

    I was thinking more about when Jake was gone, and so were some others, I believe. Another possibility is trade. For instance, if Mauck proves to be a legitimate NFL quarterback, he would command a high draft choice and/or a very good player--or two. Perhaps?


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      Originally posted by jlsportsfreak
      His name is Chad Friehauf.
      No it's not...


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        Originally posted by DBfan4lyfe
        No it's not...
        Check this out:,00.html


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          Darius Watts=Future

          thanx to TMHG

          Atwater makes the hit
          Woodson makes the pick
          Lott takes it back

          All for respect this is how the game should be played


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            Charlie F. may turn heads

            Just a thought . . . NFL stars can come from places other that NCAA Division D1A. Even Denver's own Rod Smith is a prime example of this. Charlie Friehauf has exciting numbers even though they were not against the best programs.

            I am excited to see what Charlie Friehauf has to offer. I watched Mountain West Conference football all during BVP's career there. He had a great ability to improvise but I am not sold on him making it in the NFL. Possible, but until I see something I think he's career backup. Mauck I haven't seen much of first hand.

            Maybe our future is Charlie F. Then again, maybe Chris Leak declares for the draft this year and we get him as our future QB with one of our two first round picks.
            He loved that moment just as the unit was leaving camp, locked and loaded for bear. It was the end of thinking, worrying, imagining . . . He relied on his training, worked on instinct and reflex. "You're so alert," he says. "Everything matters and none of it is under your complete control, and you're counting on muscle memory, and after that all you have is this absolute trust in the man next to you, and all he has is you."

            -Excerpt from "Damage Control" by Eric Neel, ESPN


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              Originally posted by topscribe

              Thanks for the sig NORTHERN!!!!!!!!


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                Chad is an AWESOME QB... I go to the high school next to CSM so we can watch Mines play whenver we want, and seeing Chad for the past few years was a real treat. He singlehandedly turned the football program around... CSM is a typical "nerd" school, not really known for athletics, but last year he took the team to the national Div II semifinals (If i remember right) and earned national player of the year. He has great size and a strong arm, and is still extremely intelligent and relatively quick and mobile (he can scramble very well for a guy his size). The guy's a real competitor and an all-aroud great person, I just hope we give him a chance to show what he's got. Obviously the level of competition is gonna be the greatest area of concern, but I still don't doubt his abilities. Glad he's made it this far!


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                  I go to school with chad. I don't know him personally, but he is an amazing player. What is promising is that Mines plays an offense that requires the QB read the defense. Being a Mines student, I can say that most the people that go to this school aren't dummies. Chad had to read defenses, set up in the shot gun, and run the shoot offense that Utah similarly runs (who happened to have a QB that actually went first in the draft this year, that being Alex Smith). This said, it's hard to say if Chad will have problems coming out from underneath the center, playing in shot gun his entire career here at Mines.

                  Chad is a great player with great athletic ability. He is skinny, but his height makes up for it. One thing that was frustrating this season was Jake throwing balls, the balls being tipped at the line, and someone running underneath to intercept the ball. Chad has an amazing arm, one that can throw the long ball, and the short ball hard and acurate. I don't think there is any doubt that Chad can't throw and scramble. One thing that really made Chad exciting this year is his ability to get out of the pocket and improvise with his receivers. Also have to remember that Chad had a great set of recievers as well. Johnny Chan broke lots of records here for recieving, and Justin Galas also played very well this season.

                  You also have to remember that John Mobley came out of Division II as well. Chad doesn't have the near athletic ability that John Mobley possessed; however, each player that comes out of a small college has some kind of talent that might make it in the Pros. I'd like to see chad make the team. He's a good football player, and being a Mines alumn in two weeks makes me cheer for any kid that comes out of this school.