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Williams was not the best corner we took in the draft it was Domonique Foxworth

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    Originally posted by ChampBaliey24
    Just because Williams was picked the highest he was not the best pick or corner. Domonique Foxworth is the best pick and corner we took in the draft. He had more INTs than Williams and tackles not to mention 2.5 Inches on Williams. At 5'11" with a 38.5" vertical leap he can stay with recivers and though he ran 4.59 in the 40 he is not he is just as fast with pads so it weighs out to decent spped and the abilty to stay with recivers, oh and has outstanding cover skills. Williams may bew fast 4.34 40 and jump high 39.5" vert, but lacks cover skills and even if he stays with the reciver unless thiers a double team all the QB is got do is throw a high lob and even with his exceptional leaping abilty he is not going to come down with unless with a perfectly timed and postioned jump he won't even touch it. Why did we even take him when we could have taken Justin Miller. We should have never let go of Herndon because now we got a probable bust in Williams a crappy 2nd Corner in Lenny Walls and maybee the worst pick out of any team in the draft with Karl Paymah in the high 3rd round huh? I know you guys are going to tell me how good Lenny Walls is but he is slower than hell, has no hands, no athletcism jumping, agilty ect., and average cover skills. All he has is height and he cna't jump so the height advantage is pretty much taken away. Oh and don't even get me started on Roc Alexander cause you guys will tell me how good he is, anyone remember Wildcard weekend. I'm sorry to say this, but unless Willie Middle Brooks steps up our secondary is done cause we will be getting burned by Number 2 Recivers all year. Hopefully Champ, Lynch, and Ferguson or Brandon our whoever is Free Saftey step up and save our secondary. Or Foxworth comes in plays good enough to keep the 2nd Reciver contained or Williams some how uses his uncanty athleticism to make up for the height disadvantage. If that doesn't happen the run defense is going to be execptional or we are going to have a pittyful defense.
    HELLO! How about some. . .


    Divide your friggin' post into paragraphs so people can read it without eye strain?!