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What all do G.Ms do?

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  • What all do G.Ms do?

    I mean, they evaluate talent and do the draft and FA. Do they just watch for players during the season? Just curious
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    i dont have proof
    but from what i have heard
    they basically do scouting all year round
    always compiling lists of available players (ie guys to sign if you send someone to IR)
    trying to manage the cap for the future
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      They manage the organization.

      Some do scouting, some don't. Generally, a GM will have a trusted friend appointed to "Head Scout" or some such title and the GM will take the information gathered by the scout teams and digest it compared to his personal opinions.

      Some work with payroll, some don't. If they have a background in contracts or negotiating, then they will likely take a lead role, if not, then they will hire somebody to help. There is almost always a cap specialist to handle the in's and out's of salary cap exploitation.

      Some evaluate free agent moves, some don't. Depends on how much the coach whines about not having final say, and how well those coaches do at evaluating talent and making shrewd decisions.

      Mostly, the GM is going to run the business side of the organization which entails merchandise sales and copyrights, stadium concessions, public appearences and community service contributions. The GM and owner generally work with the city commissioners on plans for city growth, stadium taxes, etc...

      There's alot of behind the scenes things such as benefits and investments that probably get a lot of attention. A GMs main job is to simply take all aspects of the business side of a football team, insure that all legal aspects are covered, and try and find the best ratios of profit making, which is why many take personal interest in Free Agency signings and the draft.


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        They do a lot more then me and thats why they make the big bucks.
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