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    If you want to talk about questionable draft picks, just ask a BROWNS fan. I don't mean to butt into a board, but the Browns board shot us over here when you acquired our entire defensive line?????????? and their coach. Then drafted Maurice ???????? Sorry NY but this guy is a definite HEAD CASE. I live on the outskirts of Columbus, I'm not a big Buckeye fan, and I'm telling you this guy is trouble. Of course, we all know you can be a head case and still be a great football player (like LT, NY?). Fortunatly for you guys all Maurice really wants is to get PAID. So he will have to prove himself and then you can trade him to us and he can hold out for a big contract. or start riding motorcycles. He also gets hurt alot. the one season he played his shoulder was a constant problem.

    Courtney is a great guy, a real beast on the field, but is always on IR. We call him the "porcelin man". Hope for your sake it was our conditioning coach. With our luck he will be in the Pro Bowl soon. Really the other guys all have great potential, but then so do all our under-performing players. Hey if you guys need a back-up QB, give Tim cOUCH a look.

    Good Luck this year guys, I hope these guys play for you.


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      Those what the “experts” said AFTER they stared the season 0-3 and 1-4. The way they always do.
      But my point still stands. The Chiefs have a lot more talent on the defensive side of the ball than they did last year....