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    Originally posted by Cugel
    None of the Broncos backup QBs are the "future". They are all scrubs.

    Clearly that's Shanahan's opinion anyway! If he thought either Mauch or Van Pelt were going to be even an acceptable #2 QB, why sign another project?

    So the Broncos future isn't tied to any of these guys. Jake has a few good years left in him, and now is not the time to start grooming a replacement -- in the opinion of Shanahan of course.

    Instead, look to Shanahan to put one of the "development" QBs on the development squad and cut 2.

    Since Kanell just agreed to a pay cut, he'll probably stay and be the backup QB on the active roster and Shanahan will keep his fingers crossed that he never has to use him.

    I think you are drawing conclusions a little prematurely on Matt Mauck.....he certainy could become a legit backup QB.....the NFL has many QB's that fit his general mould that become good backups....not the least of which was Gary Kubiak...

    Cut the kid some slack....he has ONE freakin' year under his belt; who knows what he will become...