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    Originally posted by broncosfan247
    That kinda proves my point even more I think. Skins didn't have a pass threat that much last season, a very bad offensive line, and a 1 year coach. But Portis still finished in the top 10. So lets say he stayed in Denver with a passing threat, a great offensive line, and a damn good running coach, what do you think he might have done? Possibly 1600? 1700 yards?

    Proves your point more, HOW? You said that Portis was a top 5 back, correct? You got prooved wrong? You changed your story to top ten back and JRhampton had prooved you wrong
    Sorted by TD's.
    27 RB's had more.
    Sorted rushing average yards.
    80 RB's had a bettter average. 3.9 or better than 3.8 he had.
    Receiving yards # 25
    Receptions #15
    Receiving average yards 115 had a better average.
    Receiving TD's 7 RB's had more.
    28th in TD's thats not top ten production
    and 81st in average is sure as hell not production.