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Maybe Vince Young at QB

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    Originally posted by Invesco
    If we want a quarter back, we should have gone for Stefan Lefors. He has all the skills to make it to the NFL. Just needs to work on his accuracy a little.
    Stefan LeFors was one of the most efficient and accurate quarterbacks in division 1 last season in a pass heavy offense. Trust me, accuracy is not his problem. LeFors will only be held back by his height, if he is held back at all. He has all the physical attributes to be a competent starter in this league.


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      Originally posted by BRONCOS4LIFE8
      What do you think of a guy like Vince Young from Texas at QB in our system. I believe if we do go quarterback in next years draft Leinert is out the question to costly, but Young will be thier around the 8th thru 12th pick that we will get from washington. Just a thought what do you think
      lol, wow, you are really funny!
      for loving the game and never letting go, thank you dennis

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