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Would you take a 1st round qb over Plummer?

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    Originally posted by Ravage!!!
    There are reasons people don't take the "broke Elways passing record" thing very seriously. For one, it doesn't mean squat when you end up throwing a 32.1 QB rating in the first half of the playoff game.
    What was Jake's rating the second half of that game? I know you and others do not like comparisons to Elway, as if he is your icon and not mine. But I have seen games where Elway sucked big time in the first half and came out like a different QB in the second. Was Jake the same QB in the second half as he was the first, or did you isolate the first half just for the fun of it?

    But the MAIN reason this isn't really looked upon as something, is it that is NOT a coincidence it came in the SAME year as the re-emphasis of the bumping-beyond-five-yard-rule. Its not a coincidence that Jake threw for 4,000 yrds in the SAME year that MORE QBS IN THE NFL THREW FOR 4,000yrds than ANY OTHER year in NFL History. Its not a coincidence that Jake threw for more TDs than he ever has, in the SAME YEAR that more TDs were thrown than ANY OTHER YEAR.. AND the TD Passing record was broken. The Rule emphasis made it a CAKE to throw the ball last year. WRs were running wild and free. QBs were having a hayday with DBs. There are TONS of QBs that threw more touchdowns than Elway.. TONS...even when Elway was playing, he was never the leader in TD passes. But everyone knew that Elway was SPECIAL. Throwing TDs doesn't make you special.
    You talk about making excuses for Plummer; did you just not make excuses against him? And when did I use "special" to describe Jake in the same regard I would have for Elway? Who is talking about "special" but you? Yes, four (4) other QBs threw for more than 4,000 yards out of 32 starters, if that is such a wild number, as you implied. That makes Jake, then, one out of five to do it. BTW, Jake got more yardage than McNabb, Favre, Pennington, Brady, or Brees, of which only one (Favre) passed for more than 4,000 yards. And while throwing TDs does not make a QB "special," it is indeed a mark of accomplishment, so give credit where credit is due.

    Just like the posts by majik about Dayne. Just because you were special in College, doesn't make you a special player in the NFL. As of RIGHT NOW... Jake Plummer has not shown he is a SPECIAL player in the NFL. He's an average player in the NFL. Make all the "excuses" you want for him. Talk about his time in arizona and say thats what hurt him if you want. Doesn't matter THE reasons. The facts are, as of right now, Jake is at best an average QB in the NFL that has only ONE playoff win in his 8 years starting. As of RIGHT NOW.. he has more INTs thrown, than TDs.
    I don't know how in the world you can compare my remarks to majik's about Dayne. That to me is an offensively inaccurate remark by you. I merely said I observed Jake all through college. Big difference, right? However, the skills he brought out of college, he still has, the skills that prompted Walsh's comments. Jake has shown me that he is way above average in that he was not summarily destroyed by the Phoenix Cardinals. He was pounded and pummeled to a pulp, yet came to Denver with a positive attitude. Instead of a beaten man, we found a wounded one, whose wounds have taken time to heal. During that time, he managed the highest QB rating in the league in 2003 and showed the stark difference in the team when he was in there, as opposed to when he was not. Then, in 2004, he was one of five QBs to throw for over 4,000 yards, while outthrowing the likes of McNabb, Pennington, Brady, Favre, and Brees. (So you noticed I'm being redundant? Good! I mean to be. Just want to get the point across, which at times is so difficult in these forums.) And as of right now, he has thrown a total of 42 TDs and 27 INTs for the Denver Broncos, which is the only record I care about; I don't give a rat's behind about his record in the desert.

    In your attempts to document your argument against Jake, it might be a good idea to do it accurately and to present the whole facts, not just part of them. When that happens, Jake can be seen in a different light, which I understand is not what some here do not want to happen. (That is a generic remark; I do not intend that as a personal reference to you.) Oh yes, and please to represent my comments in the same context I presented them. That would make me feel a whole lot better toward you, Ravage.

    And we do not need to waste a #1 pick on a QB when we sorely lack quality depth at other positions, such as the Oline and receiver.

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      i would like to see how mauck does this year and allow friehaus a year on the practice squad. if they dont look like they arent going to pan out (and i dont believe bringing in an undrafted free agent who's coach has ties to shanny shows the FO has no confidence in muack or bvp for that matter) then draft a late first day qb. unless jake completely flops this year it would be a waste to use a potentially high (lose redskins lose) first rounder on a qb. how much better could san diego have been last year if they had drafted fitzgerald instead of getting rivers (not considering the beating they gave the giants in the trade)?

      and we DO NOT NEED A RECIEVER THAT HIGH!!!! lelie broke out last season and should keep developing and if watts comes along we could be set for the next five years, especially if one or two of the youngsters steps up this year.

      with the redskins pick we should look at getting one of the stud LT's coming out next year or else a stud D lineman.
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        I think we should spend at least 1 of our 2 first round picks on an OL. Ashley I think can take over Rod's job when he retires and I think Darius Watts will be a good 2nd WR. plus we have B.J Johnson,Triandus Luke, and many other young WR's who any of us havent gotten a chance to see yet.I also think we should take a DL with the other 1st round pick we have.

        If Reggie Mc'Neal(the QB from Texas A&M) comes out after this season I would like to see Denver take him.