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Who has the best backup qb in the league?

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    Its not like Brad Johnson has been out of football for long. He was starting last season. He's always been one of the most accurate passers in the NFL. He has the experience, the knowledge, the leadership.. AND a Super Bowl ring on his hand. All that gives me more reason to accept HIM as a better QB than a guy that has had a career as a back-up.


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      #1) John Kitna. I wish we had him in Denver.

      #2) Billy Volek. McNair isnt playing much longer and think Billy is the future of the Titans


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        Jacksonville-----David Gerard (sp?)


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          Jon Kitna, Billy Volek, Brad Johnson are all excellent backups with starts in the league and have shown they have what it takes to play when the starter goes down
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            Billy Volek. hands down IMO. I think he could be a starter on a good 10 teams right now. I'd even take him over Plummer. DOH, look what I started.


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              What makes a backup qb great

              If you think about it, when you look for a backup quarterback, you are looking for two things.

              I capable but not outstanding player

              A teacher

              You want these two things because the backup qb should be someone that can be a sound board for the starter, someone who will help give your starter another opinion on what coverage he was seeing, or what he should have done. The backup should be someone who can step into the offense if the starter goes down and not miss a beat, someone who will make the offense keep hummin out the yards.

              With this most great backups tend to be older players, guys who know that they are helping without playin. This is why Jeff Blake was never a good backup, he wanted to start and would try an sabotage it seemed to get it. Kitna is a great backup because he took his roll as gracefully as could be, he called the new starter and told him that he was supporting the decision, now if you ask me: That is true class.

              That is the backup qb position, or that is what I would want, someone like Kitna or Flutie, becuase they are being as supportive as can be, and can fill in if needed
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                Originally posted by urinal_cake
                Billy Volek, Titans...™
                that was my answer!!!
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                  detroit- jeff garcia, assuming he doesnt win the starting position and go to another pro bowl.
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