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    Well . . .

    Originally posted by Ravage!!!
    They alllll want to start. But there are very few openings in the NFL for starters. Chicago? Detroit (if harrington fails this year)?

    Maddox I th ink had his time in the spot-light. He made his way BACK from the XFL and into a starting role in the NFL... then was beat out by a rookie. His starting years are done. IMO.

    I can't help but think that Kannel is absolutly horendous.
    They all want to start, but some realistically realize they won't. That is precisely why Kubiak stayed right here in Denver and spent nearly his entire career watching Elway play. Garcia and Maddox apparently have not yet come to that point.

    It would be nice if Mauck came to that understanding. The kid has a decent arm and good stability, ala Kubiak. He will likely never be a starter, but he would be fully capable of winning a game or two while Jake is on the mend.