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    Originally posted by Cugel
    Question #1 is the Biggest by far as Kirwan points out. "Question No. 1 had to be answered yes, or it was pointless to even ask the other nine. If our starting quarterback goes down with injury, is there anyone on the roster who can keep the team moving forward?"

    Only with the Broncos the answer is a decisive NO! Plummer was one of the few QBs in the NFL who took every snap last season and he'd better do it again this year or the Broncos are SUNK!

    Danny Kannell starting equals an automatic loss, as we've seen from 2003! There is just NO chance at all of the Broncos making the playoffs this season if he loses any significant time to injury.

    Shanahan obviously thought so too or he wouldn't have desparately tried to sign Jeff Garcia and Gus Ferrotte this off-season.

    As for Brad Van Pelt and Matt Mauch, at least one good thing will happen after Sept. 1. We won't have to listen to their partisans on these boards talk about how they should be the Broncos backups, because both will probably be GONE!

    They are training-camp fodder, not given a serious chance to back-up Plummer in Shanahan's estimation.

    If he thought either had the talent to become even a BACKUP let alone a starter in this league, he wouldn't have signed Chad Friehauf.

    The Broncos carried 2 QBs last year on the active roster. Expect it to happen again: Plummer & Kanell. Friehauf (or possibly Van Pelt OR Mauch may make the practice squad).

    So despite the depth at other positions, we have to face the fact that Shanahan doesn't feel happy with his backup QB. If he doesn't feel the love for Kanell, why should we? It's like that old song says: "You're all I've got tonight! You're all I've got tonight!"

    Our back up QB situation is scary. I hope Plummer takes every snap like last year.
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