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who's going to the game?

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  • who's going to the game?

    I wish I could go to the game... (live out of state). Went to the AFC champ game against Cleveland back in the late 80's and it was awesome to be part of the 12th man.

    Anyone going to the game this weekend yell your lungs off for me!! I will be yelling myself at the TV with other Bronco fans........ but it is not the same as being there.

    We need a loud and disruptive crowd to upset New England's game plan. I hope to see may false starts and delay of game calls on their part.

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    1 - living out of state is no excuse - I'm flying in Saturday morning!
    2 - I'm resting my vocal chords this week to be prepared for Saturday.

    (BTW, just kidding about the living elsewhere is no excuse line - I know I am fortunate to be able to do this )


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      I am not going, but my son and dau-in-law will be there. The most important thing I see - the fans MUST BRING BACK THE MILE HIGH MAGIC.

      Thanks to Bronco4Life and Medford Bronco for signature

      Rest in Peace - Darrent (27) and Damien (29


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        I'll be there in the South stands ready for all these Patriot fanboys to get sent home crying (Patsfan1030).

        I'll even buy him a beer.


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          I'll be there with bells on...and anything else that makes lots of noise!


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            i'll be at the game

            i got playoff tix from my dad for christmas so i'll be there at the game, in section 108 screaming my head off. bought orange pom poms today, and stickon tattoos.....oh yeah, it's gonna be out of control at Mile High! I cannot wait!


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              hehe you BOUGHT orange pompons? They give those out at the game....

              Despite this killer sinus infection (I can't hear out of one ear right now already) I will be there and be loud.

              I got the ticket from my parents for my birthday (a week from thursday). They also sent me enough cash to buy me a new jersey this week, so I can get an extra large orange one to wear on the outside of my jackets -- it's supposed to be in the 40s, and I can't risk being sick for too long after the game.


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                Those of you going to the game, congrats and have fun. Most important, make that new stadium rock and shake like she's never done since being built. This is the time to bring alive the ghosts and magic of old Mile High. I can't go, so I wanna hear some NOISE when I crank up the volume on the subwoofer!!!!