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  • Originally posted by Return of Lava
    well you want to know whats even more funny, i live in pittsburgh right now, i just got back to town from where???? Thats right Denver baby, and CO is a much nicer place that Pitt, the roads are wider, the air is lighter, and the football team is tighter. There will be some Black and gold litter there, but I believe we have sold out every game straight in denver for a lot of years straight and still running, bronco nation is no slouch. Steeler fans at the game wont even be able to hear themselves think once all the bronco fans there get started. Should be a great game, and thanks to the 12th man we will pul it out
    i'm just gonna post this cuz i think it is funny watching you two go back and forth. you both are some good trash talkers and it's funny that you can just agree that it was joking around. good on both teams fans! (if any of that as said on the indy site they would've cried and banned the steelers fan cuz we were bashing their precious colts) i do have two other things to say though. you say that denver has sold out every game for many years, i believe the steelers actually hold the record for games being sold out. and two you may want to watch what you say about the steelers fans at the game not being able to hear themselves. i believe there were something like 18,000 tickets went on sale sunday afternoon. i can almost guarantee that at least half of them went to steeler fans not to include the ticks that your fans are selling to steeler fans cuz they can't make the game or something. we supposively only had 5,000 fans in indy and we drowned them out at times and we had no false start penalties and they had like 3 or 4. so don't underestimate the power of a few (steelers fans that is compared to bronc fans) they are going to be few but that is all we need to make some noise. going to be a GREAT GAME and i am really looking forward to it...