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Something That Gives Me Confidance

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  • Something That Gives Me Confidance

    If the Steelers had stayed up 21-3 and just killed the Colts, I'd feel FAR less confidant then I do.

    The Colts putting 15 up in the 4th quarter made the game a little more hard faught for the Steelers and might efect them mentally. Plus, it showed that defense can be beaten with paitence, maybe making the Broncos feel a bit better about the situation. Thoughts?
    - [B]BroncoFanCanada

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    I agree that the last quarter might have shown something about the steelers. However, the colts have a much different offensive approach than us. We better use Jake wisely in this one. We need to go back to a lot of bootlegs and free receivers. Because if we motion out the running back like we did last week Jake will be on his hind end a lot this coming sunday. The steelers love to stack the box with defenders so our running game might be slow getting started. We need to play action and bootleg.