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  • Good Luck

    Good Luck to Denver and it's fan base. Let's hope for an injury free, exciting game to watch. Denver/Pittsburgh have had some good games in the past against each other, so lets not disappoint the masses now. This game is a pickem game IMO. It can go either way. I believe this game will come down to the turnover factor, just like it did in NE game. The team who wins the TO battle will win the game.

    BTW congratulations on whipping up on NE. Finally glad to see someone knock Brady off his high horse. That guy had it coming to him.

    GO STEELERS!!!!!

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    This is going to be a great game, anybody think these teams might try to establish the run.

    I Adopted Jake Plummer


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      Definitely, Good Luck to Broncos and their fans!! You have to have respect for Bronco fans. Wait, let me rephrase that. I have to respect for Bronco fans, my wife is one. It should make for an interesting Sunday next weekend. Good Luck, here's to slobber-knocking Donneybrook of a game.