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    Denver 34 Pittsburgh 13
    Seattle 20 Carolina 17
    If you love NFL stats and history

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    Denver 24 Pittsburgh 10
    Seattle 35 Carolina 28
    Long live the Broncos
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    Thanks Reid!
    My adopt-a-bronco!!! I used to be very proud now that has all changed. Now I am perfect!
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      Broncos win by a TD
      Seattle wins by a FG
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        Broncos 31- Steelers 21

        Seahawks 17- Panthers 16

        I must add that I do not think the Steelers can win 3 in a row on the road no matter how impressive their past 2 wins have been. Emotionally they are spent.


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          My prediction..

          Pain .

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            Denver 34 - Steelers - 20
            Seattle 28 - Panthers - 14

            Panters don't have a shot without Foster. Plus now Seattle knows to take Smith out by double coverage.


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              Broncos 27 Pittsburgh 17
              Panthers 35 Seahawks 31


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                LOL -- you Broncos fans are funny. I only wish you were all involved in setting the lines for Vegas!

                Pittsburgh 26
                Denver 20

                Seattle 19
                Panthers 16

                I love that you disrespect the Steelers so much though .. having your team winning by 2 TDs or more. That'll just make the pain that much worse for you on Monday morning when you realize your season is over.
                vs. Bengals W 31-17
                vs. Colts W 21-18
                vs. Broncos W 34-17

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                  3 Rings

                  Denver 23
                  Pittsburgh 16

                  Seattle 23
                  Carolina 17

                  Super Bowl XL

                  Denver 27

                  Seattle 17


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                    Originally posted by NJBRONCOSFAN
                    Pain .

                    Many of these teams are coming into this thing banged up, I concur.

                    Broncos and Seattle in SB XL.


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                      Originally posted by steelers11
                      LOL -- you Broncos fans are funny. I only wish you were all involved in setting the lines for Vegas!
                      Uh, read this...

                      Broncs favored to win SB XL


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                        My prediction is that the Broncos will beat the Steelers. I don't care by how much, or what the score is. Winning by one, or 40, points is all the same to me. The point is, the Broncos will be in Super XL!

                        And, I think that we will get an old AFC West matchup, with Seattle losing to the Broncos.
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                          Denver- 24
                          Pitt- 10

                          Sea- 17
                          Car- 9
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                            32 - 13 Denver. Pitt gets a late TD to make it that close
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                              den 21 pitt 17

                              sea 24 car 10