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  • Intangables

    My list of things that I think will affect Sunday's game.

    - Crowd noise didn't bother the Steelers in the Dome (the loudest venue in the league) so i don't see it having an affect in Denver. However, the thin-air is going to prove difficult for an already road-weary team. And Bettis' asthma might be a factor in the thin air.

    - Pittsburg's emotional roller coaster ride over the past 4 weeks may have drained them more than they think. The second half of the Colts game they looked a little tired on offense.

    - The Browncos: these guys spent the last couple of years playing the Steelers twice a season. I admit with no success. But they have to have learned something from the experience that can help them Sunday.

    - Jake: he's due for either a really good game or a really bad game.

    - Can Ben handle the pressure? Thus far he's been awesome. But how much is too much for a second year QB?

    - On the road again! A comeback in Cinci, almost blowing it in Indy, can the Steelers keep rollin' if they get down early in Denver?
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    Crowd noise could very well play a factor in this game. The Steelers went up on Indy early, taking the crowd out of the game. I dont think that will happen with Denver.

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