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YES!!! Dr. Z picks Pittsburgh......we are the true underdogs

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    Originally posted by SteelManiac55
    Sean Salisbury, Mike Ditka picked you guys. That sooooo counters Dr. Z.
    Of course steak-boy also said he is backing Carolina to win the Superbowl so any opinion he has is disregarded as soon as he can utter it.
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      Originally posted by gostillers
      marino picked indy last week ....... excommunicated as well
      everyone picks indy to win last week......

      even most of the steelers fans didnt expect to win that game.....
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        Shannon Sharps picks are normally golden, and he picked denver. Of course Sharpe has never picked a Pitt game correctly. He picked Cincy, and He picked Indy, and he wrote an entire article where he declared "I'm sorry, Pittsburgh ain't making the playoffs"


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          My thoughts

          My thoughts are that you guys were picked to drop the game to the Pats. The Steelers were picked to drop the game to the Colts.

          Now, the two best teams in the AFC are playing to go to the big game.

          My pic: The team that makes the most plays will advance to the superbowl. This game may not have the heartstopping "no pun intended" plays in it, but you have two great D's going at each other, and two QB's who had great seasons.

          Mile High is no easy place to play - you guys proved that. Can Denver be beat? Any team can, and if there is any team left that can do it, of course it's the Steelers. May the best team win, and whoever advances to the bowl game, may the AFC win it. (Steelers I believe, but hey, I respect you guys - it's my first post).

          Johnny Williams
          Pittsburgh, PA