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  • Whos Laughing now hahahahahahhaahha...that means me

    DENVER - Back in August, during an extended preseason trip to Houston, new Bronco Gerard Warren was hot, tired and definitely sick of being the national butt of the NFL jokesters.

    The mammoth defensive tackle was the centerpiece of the Denver Browncos. He was the main inspiration for all the laughter. He had heard the chuckles all the way from Lake Erie.

    "They’ll stop laughing, especially in Cleveland, when we win that Super Bowl," Warren said. "When I’m in Detroit, waving that Denver Bronco flag after we win the Super Bowl, they’ll stop laughing. I’ll be there smiling and waving to Cleveland, and telling them that I’m a Super Bowl champion."

    A fun retort from a player who was sick of hearing his and his buddies’ names being picked on is suddenly close to reality. Five months later, it’s no preseason fantasy. The Broncos might win the Super Bowl. And Warren might be waving that flag.

    Denver is the new favorite to win the Super Bowl, in large part because of several offseason acquisitions, mostly notably four defensive lineman from Cleveland.

    Denver’s offseason was highly criticized. Nationally, pundits couldn’t understand why, in three separate moves, the Broncos took the Browns’ front four.

    After all, this was the group that was ranked No. 28 in the NFL against the run. It was a group that the Browns' new coach, defensive guru Romeo Crennel, didn’t want. It was a group of malingers, accident-prone and journeymen.

    Why would Denver want Warren, Courtney Brown, Ebenezer Ekuban and Michael Myers? The Browns didn’t want them, and the Browns were horrible.

    In retrospect, why not? Why didn’t any other team want them?

    Heading into the AFC championship game against Pittsburgh, Denver has been fueled by its defense. The unit is a veteran group that has been ball-hawking opponents all year.

    The Broncos have the NFL’s most reliable running game and an efficient Jake Plummer at quarterback, but make no mistake: Denver is two wins from its third Super Bowl title because of defense.

    "It all starts up front," coach Mike Shanahan said. "Our front has been outstanding."

    Thank you, Cleveland.

    Last February, the Denver defensive line was in a shambles as the team was coming off its second consecutive blowout playoff loss at Indianapolis. Star Trevor Pryce had missed virtually all of 2004, and sack leader Reggie Hayward was on his way to Jacksonville for $25 million.

    Who was going to play on the defensive front in Denver? Hello, Cleveland.

    First, the Broncos dealt for Warren. With All-Pro ability, Warren was an underachiever in Cleveland after being the No. 3 overall pick four years earlier. He was known more for his mouth and off-field issues than for his play on the field.

    Then, Denver signed Brown. The No. 1 overall pick in 2000, Brown spent more times in hospitals than huddles as a Brown.

    Then, the Broncos completed their foursome by trading 1,000-yard rusher Reuben Droughns for Ekuban and Myers.

    One, two, three, four … Browns?

    "We heard all the jokes," Denver general manager Ted Sundquist said. "But we knew what we were getting. We knew Gerard would be revitalized, we knew Courtney would be dominant if healthy, and we knew Ebenezer and Michael were very underrated, hard working guys. This has worked out very well for us."

    Warren has people in Denver wondering where that "lazy" tag came from. He has instantly become a locker room leader and has amazed coaches with his sideline-to-sideline approach in practice. Every day.

    Warren has dominated some games and has been a huge cog in the middle of the field. He is a major reason why Denver was the No. 2-ranked run defense in the NFL.

    Brown has been healthy all season for the first time in three seasons and has also excelled against the run. He caused a key fumble against New England in the divisional playoffs that set up the go-ahead touchdown.

    Ekuban has brought an incredible energy off the bench and has emerged one of the most respected veterans in the locker room.

    Myers stole a starting job in minicamp and hasn’t looked back. Insiders in the organization say he’s the motor that starts the entire line. And he was a throw-in in the Droughns’ deal.

    "We knew we that Denver was getting a good deal," Warren said. "Now the whole country knows it."

    Stop laughing.

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    good find.......i wouldnt mind seeing clevlands faces either

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