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  • Championship Rundown: Home cooking-Fox sports

    Steelers at Broncos: The Rundown staff is confused. Apparently, the Broncos didn't beat the Patriots last week. The Patriots beat themselves.

    The final score wasn't Broncos 27, Patriots 13. It was Patriots Mistakes 27, Patriots Achievements 13. Or maybe Blown Calls 27, Patriots 13. So Plummer, Champ Bailey, and the Broncos aren't moving on to face the Steelers. Nope. Bill Cowher must get his team ready for the real winners last week: Tom Brady interceptions, Troy Brown fumbles, and Adam Vinatieri missed field goals.

    Or maybe, just maybe, the better, more talented, more prepared team won. "We definitely made more plays than they did," Bailey said after the game. "We accepted the pressure. This was a bump in the road for us."

    That road rose to meet the Broncos again on Sunday, when the Steelers upset the Colts. The Broncos aren't traveling to Indy to face a team that has beaten them 91-34 in the last two postseasons. Instead, they are facing a Steelers team with a knack for coming up just short in the AFC championship game. "I've got to get the Terrible Towels out to root for the Steelers so we can play at home," Rod Smith said before the Steelers beat the Colts. Hey Rod, while you have the towels out, get them nice and hot, put them on Plummer's face, and ... oh, never mind.

    So the Broncos are now four-point favorites at home and are suddenly getting 3-to-2 odds to win the Super Bowl. Not bad for a team that nearly everyone assumed would be sitting at home this week.
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    I Love It. These Message Boards Are A Breath Of Fresh Air For Me Here............. A Lone Bronco Soldier In The Midst Of A Terrible City..... Pittsburgh. Send In The Calvary I Need Rescued This Town Is The Pitts
    Broncos Rule Steeler Fools