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Note To Steeler Fans From The Broncos

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    That was whack Bennie, REAL WHACK. It the IQ thing huh. Poor poor ppl in pitt.
    "We bust back faster then whistles, from Bronco raider officials" e.W.t.


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      Originally posted by BigBen#7
      That is just unclassy!!! My cousin is Big Foot!!!

      And to the guy with the mentally challenged uncle... I do not think our video was directed at him unless he is a Steeler fan and well then it only proves the validity of the video!
      Cutler 2008:
      » He was No. 3 in the NFL in 3rd down efficiency. NFL avg teams converted 39.5 percent of its third downs; Cutler converted 47.5 percent.
      »Threw for more yards than Peyton Manning, Eli Manning, Donovan McNabb, Philip Rivers, Tony Romo and Ben Roethlisberger.
      » He had eight games of 300-plus passing yards (five of those at 350 or more), connecting for 15 TD's
      » 4th quarter of games Cutler completed 100 of 167 passes for 1,212 yards and 11 TD's with just four int's


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        Originally posted by Elways1Fan
        Geez, shut up already, you are offended becasue it hits the nail on the head. People are most offended when its true. Now go cook your toothless, retarded father some soup (so he can eat it) and get back to working in the mine

        Its a joke, lighten up, you found the door here now find the exit if you dont like
        Hey Elways1Fan....Just one thing before I go Why don't you go feed your toothless, retarded father a BIG heaping serving of CROW soup!
        Practice Squad
        Last edited by STEELCITYGAL; 01-23-2006, 07:41 PM. Reason: Wanted to address it to one Denver fan in particular


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          this is lame, if any Steeler fan is really offended by this stuff its rediculous. If WDVE did the same type of video about the donkeys we would be laughing it up. As a die hard Steeler fan i dont find anything wrong with this video(especiall since we are goin to SBXL, funny Jerome in SB XL). People are way too easily offended by the stupidist stuff. Anyway thanks for the class most of you guys showed this week and gl next year.

          Steelers 34
          Seahawks 20


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            Definition of an optimist:

            A Denver Bronco fan waiting at DIA (Denver International Airport)
            for the Broncos to return from winning the Super Bowl.


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              Originally posted by broncoswin
              I am sure that one of your stations in Pitt has made a similar tape. It is all part of the hype leading up to a huge game. Just like many of these posts (yours included).....just hype.
              Yea the tape from Pittsburgh was BroncBack Mountain, some attempt at humor about Jake Plummer and Stephen Alexander being waaaa waaaaa wahhhhhh Pitts fans, your own radio stations fell to such low levels as to do the same thing.
              Ready for the friggen season already!


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                Originally posted by BigBen#7

                Great video, thanks for sharing.