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where is the players entrance at Invesco?

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  • where is the players entrance at Invesco?

    in domonique foxworth's wednesday column this past week in the denver post he mentioned how when he arrived at the game last saturday night fans were there are the players entrance chanting the names of each player as they arrived. i'll be at the game and would love to join in if the same thing is happening this week. my question is, which side of the stadium is the player's entrance on and about what time do they arrive prior to the game? thanks!

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    On the south side of the stadium, you see the Barn, thats the huge tent. Just to the west of that is a small parking lot. THAT's the players lot, just near the stadium. You'll see it's all fenced off, and that that fence leads to a tunnel into the stadium.

    They arrive anywhere up to four hours before kickoff. I dont know what they're time limit is, or when they HAVE to be there. But I have seen them arrive up to only two hours before.