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Merril Hoge is worse than Sean Salisbury

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  • Merril Hoge is worse than Sean Salisbury

    OH MY GOD!!
    this guys is just plain stupid, i really can't find another way to describe him. He says that he watches film and stuff before he gives predictions, but when he talks, he really makes you wonder. he appears to have no clue of what he's talking about, he contradicts himself in every other interview.
    Atlest when we hated on salisbury steak, it was because he was just a freaking hater, but this guy, this guy is just a moron, he's NOT a hater, he just has no clue what he's talkikng about, especially when he talks about the broncos.

    He is slowly taking over Sean Salisbury as ESPN's worst NFL analyst, and salisbury is on our band waggon now... hahahahaha
    "HOW THEY GONNA TRY ME LIKE DAT?!"- Champ Bailey

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    Yeah this guy is an idiot. I saw him on espn news this morning. He said he could suit up and rush for over 100 yards one more time against teh broncos!!!! Didin't they lose last time he played denver?