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    "Look for Denver to key on Polamalu and take him out of the game the same way we did with Leroy Butler in Super Bowl XXXII. Shanahan is a master at these types of chess matches."

    Damn, that's genius, nobody mentioned that. I hope jeb can get the job done. Great post.
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      Originally posted by Elway
      Wow... here we are... less than 20 hours to know if we are going to represent the AFC in the Superbowl...

      There have been many twists and turns to this season.

      Trading away our first round pick th the Redskins

      Taking in the 4 Cleveland Browncos.

      Signing Jerry Rice and then having him retire.

      The drafting of America's most wanted newest star Maurice Clarett

      The dissappearance of Darius Watts.

      The opening day debacle in Miami

      The complete and utter disrespect by analysts and the media.

      Yet here we are....

      We started the season with many believing we had another date with destiny in Indy... and up to last week that was still a realty. Yet something happened on the way to the RCA dome. The mighty had fallen. Mere hours before that the Superbowl champs were dethroned in Mile High.

      So here we are 13-3, The Afc championship gain with Jake at the controls versus the Steelers. How many foresaw that scenario?

      I don't know what the game will bring, but I hope we haven't seen the last of Denver this season. We have come along way from the 6-10 season under Griese... We have watched the Seahawks, Raiders, Chiefs and Chargers all take a turn at winning the west while we managed to trip ourselves up in some manner or fashion. Always good enough to be playoff contendors... never bad enough to get a low round draft pick.

      Some didn't believe in Jake... some still don't... but he has been part of this team and is part of the reason we are here... along with the rest of the offense, defense, special teams and coaching.... we have waited 7 long years to get back to the AFC Championship and to have it in Mile High is an added bonus. Who knows what the future will bring us... so take a moment out to just appreciate the team we have and the season we have had up to now, becuase there are 14 other AFC teams right now wishing they were playing in tomorrow's game.

      Ok... stepping off my soapbox. Thanks.
      Its been one Hell of a year. I never expected it to go this well. But it hads. Awesome, simply awesome. here's to making it to Detroit!!!!
      I live in Texas. But my heart is in Denver!


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        What a terrific thread, elway!

        This is going to be a heck of a ball game today. The Broncos are focased and have their eye on the goal.

        Round 2 begins today. I watched the Game of the Week last night (again ) on NFL Network. At the end of the game, all the Broncos basically had one thing to say:
        "Great work guys. But our work is not done. Not by far."

        Someone on here last night mentioned the focas of this team. The leadership of this team have bought into Shanny philosophy, which is the best thing they could do. They know he's brought teams to the SB and won it.

        Imagine what the Browncos and the rookies are thinking about now? From college to one of the biggest stages in football, and from the lowly Browns to a winning team on the verge of a SB berth.

        GO BRONCOS!!
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          *sniff* it's amazing when you think of it. *sniff*

          Good post Elway, now get off the damn soapbox.


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            Excellent post.

            SIX HOURS 18 MINUTES TO GO!!
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              today feels like the good old days.........sigh

              Great post.
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                Yeah, nice way to put it all in perspective, Elway.

                What an amazing year this has been...I still can't believe that we're this far...and now less than an hour away.

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                  Well the game is over but we still have had a terrific year. It is hard right now but let's remember the good times that we have had this year. What a terrific home season. Jake has been good most of the year and we should not let one game make us critisize this team. Defense will just get better and we will have the draft coming up.

                  Let's try to forget and look toward next year... That is what I am doing...
                  Go Broncos!!! - Hosea 10:12


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                    Some didn't believe in Jake... some still don't... but he has been part of this team and is part of the reason we are here...

           home for Superbowl Sunday.
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