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Carolinas Smith..FA?

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  • Carolinas Smith..FA?

    I was told that teh Panthers WR Steve Smith is going to be a this true..and if so...what do you guys think Smith and Smith...that would be great huh....??

    Sig by Snk16...Thanks

    I say grab T.O and while we are at it why not grab your-self a biscuit!?

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    I am sure he isn't going anywhere from them. They just need to find a #2 to compliment him.
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      there is NO way that carolina will not keep him under contract, he was the only reason they made it to the NFC championship, he was like a 1-man team out there!!!


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        No and I don't think there's any chance Denver could get him.

        BUT you know Denver and the fans would take him in a heart beat, what's not to like about the guy? Well besides that he plays for the Panthers