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  • Ok here we go

    I am a Steelers fan and I have read this forum all week.I have read the classy Steeler fans as well as the Steeler trolls.

    I have read the classy Bronco fans as well as the not so classy.

    I have given time for things to calm down after the game and now I wanna post this.

    My best friend is a Bronco fan and we have handled this last week as it should be handled.With nothing but respect for each others teams. Even tonight after the Steelers win we have been nothing but respectfull to each other.

    Cause we both realize it could have went the other way.


    Denver had a great season
    Plummer is a diff QB in Denver with a actual team around him
    Denver has a nice HB combo


    Steelers have a QB coming into his own
    Steelers have a very good coaching staff
    Steelers are doing this for Jerome


    Steelers earned their way to Super Bowl XL
    Denver fans for the most part are classy
    Denver got out played in this game
    I was really worried about playing Denver
    I am just happy the game was decided on the filed and not by a ref or bad call

    I just want to say,I am sorry for your loss.I have been on both sides of this as a Steelers fan and I know how it feels.

    As a Steelers fan I have been waiting for 1 for the thumb forever so I am obviously happy to have this chance.

    To all Denver fans I give a mile high salute...........

    To all Steeler fans I just say this.1 more game................

    In closing I wish Denver all the best in the future except against Pittsburgh.

    BTW........... nice stadium..............
    Practice Squad
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    Thanks man, though I think we did underachieve, your statements are very true. Now go win it for the AFC!!!