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  • Whos at fault?

    Who do you thinks at fault for the lost to the Steelers?

    The defense missed 3 INTs and a fumble and they didn't make Pittsburgh punt until the second half. The offensive line didn't protect Jake. It was a bad game on both sides of the ball. My vote is for the whole team.
    Only Jake's fault
    whole team's fault
    Offense's fault
    Defense's fault

    The poll is expired.

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    I dont think you guys have anyone to blame b/c if it wasnt for them you wouldnt be trying blame anyone now if you know what I mean.
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      Originally posted by SM19
      Lots of people are at fault, but the guy who's most at fault isn't in your poll. It's Larry Coyer.
      Try choosing the defense then. Coyer is part of that.


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        I blame the Steelers for playing a better game.
        Thanks, Reid!
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          This game is the ULTIMATE TEAM SPORT, so ULTIMATLY it is the TEAM'S fault..... Coaching on down to back up players


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            The whole team they all played like they had no heart and didnt want to play in the SuperBowl.
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              The whole team played like the houston Texans, we couldn't stop them, our line couldn't block, we had to pass every play, we commited 4 TOs.

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                I definately think it was our defense. Yea Jakes INT's were costly. But we wouldnt have to pass that much if our D wouldve stopped em.

                Look at these drives:

                12 plays, 62 yards = FG

                14 plays, 80 yards = TD

                two other TD drives were set up by Jakes pick...but still....if they wouldve held them to a FG,the score wouldnt been all that bad. And what can you say about this? 10-16 3rd down conversions!!!!!! How do you expect our Offense to get going if they are never on the field? 20 first down for them, 15 through the air!!!!! and 8.6 yards per pass!!!! This is our D's fault. If they wouldve played like we know they can play, our offense wouldve been able to run it more and play way better.
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                  Originally posted by LordTrychon
                  I blame the Steelers for playing a better game.
                  That is a pretty good one line summary. The Steelers played a game we weren't ready for. The passed early and often. The protected their QB and got to ours. They made picking up 3rd and long look like child's play. They played great. As well as they played, we might not have beat them on our best day, and we certainly didn't have our best day on Sunday.
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                    I think that there is enough blame to go around.

                    Defensively, offensively, and special teams each played poorly. I'll cover each segment seperately.

                    The defensive backs had 3 interceptions hit them in the hands and none were caught. In addition, Ferguson had a pass for a TD go between his hands without so much as touching it. Champ bit on a pump fake to give up a TD. Foxworth was so far off he was only in position to tackle the receiver after the reception. The LBs were in never never land. They couldn't get through on blitzes yet they failed to cover the screens and short out patterns. They whiffed on tackles. The safeties were often called to blitz and didn't get there. The defensive line played Pittsburg's run well but got absolutely no pressure- even when the Steelers were not in max protection. The interior defensive line was often bull rushed back into the QB's face.

                    The offense was there to claim their share of the boobie prize. The O-line gave a clinic on how to madador pass block. Blitz pick-up by the backs varied between poor and nonexistent. Jake threw 2 interceptions and while trying to evade the rush did not take care of ball security (I think the blockers should get a huge share in both of those fumbles along with Jake). In addition his accuracy under heavy fire was not as good as I have seen out of him at other times this year. The receivers dropped four passes that I can remember and didn't seem able to break the pattern off and get open to help against the blitz. When the tight ends were kept in to block it looked like a bad joke.

                    The special teams weren't much better. When the Broncos were receiving punts and kick-offs we did not block the cover team. Their punter put the ball inside the ten twice. Our kick-offs were sub par.

                    Furthermore we were out coached. Everyone at the game including the booing crowd had some share in the loss. I would definitely call it a team loss.
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                      Originally posted by LordTrychon
                      I blame the Steelers for playing a better game.
                      Spot on, LordT. All this endless autopsy & blame-calling......jeez. Was it the O? was it the D?? I think it was the OMG??!!

                      Steelers won. Damn. In fact, doubledamn. But let it go....I feel it's almost getting insulting to our great team. Reminds me of all the hopeless twitter we had to listen to about No 7 in those oh so hopeful/hopeless dog days.

                      Broncos had a fine season by any standards & they know what went wrong as well as right. They aint dead yet so can we get them off the slab, please?

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                        I agree with LordTrychon, and give credit where it's due. To the Pittsburgh Steelers!

                        Ya know, some days everything goes right, and some days everything goes wrong. Unfortunately, everything went wrong for us Sunday.

                        I dont blame any of the Broncos or the coaches for what happened.

                        It just wasnt our day...................


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                          While I give the Steelers credit, I blame Larry Coyer



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                            There is enough blame to go around. I don't think it be put on anyone person's shoulders.
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                              Too bad you didn't make the poll PUBLIC!
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