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Seahawks are a class act.

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    Originally posted by RoorRipper
    That was an AWESOME play. Perfect execution. Perfect throw. I wish we had Randle El...

    He made 4 passes all year and a whooping 35 receptions, far less than ashley did.

    I'd guess if Jake had that much time to make the throw him and most other QB's would have made the completion also.

    Pray tell what would you do with him?


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      A class act??? You MUST be joking. You are, aren't you?? You think that having your coach walk off the field after the biggest game of the year (and for many coach's and fans inclusive...of their life) without acknowledging or shaking the hand of the winner of said game is classy??? You really believe this? You think that the same man after being completely outcoached for 60 minutes, after mismanaging the clock and making numerous mistakes, should go back home and address his fans...then tell them it was all the fault of the refs. You call that class? You have a very strange definition of class. Class is Bill Cowher saying it was wrong of Joey Porter to question the refs obvious failures in the Colts game. Class is to keep your poise as a coach and lead your team. Class is bringing out the best in your players and fans. True class is accepting defeat, and graciously acknowledging the victor. I saw class by the fans and coaching staff of the Bronco's after their defeat in the AFCCG. Please do not belittle their organization by ranking these classless whiners in with them That is degrading...and yes....classless.
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        Yea, I think we spoke too soon. Given the comments that came after the game I dont find them so classy anymore.