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Your Positives and Negatives of XL

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  • Your Positives and Negatives of XL

    The Budwieser commercial with the baby Clidsdale trying to pull the wagon and the bigger ones helping. Loved it, got a tear.

    Another Budweiser commercial with the streaking Lamb. LOL

    Bettis getting his championship. I understand since Denver wanted the same for John.

    Liked the Rolling Stones. If was fun. Mick, what are you eating and drinking? I want that much energy at 62. Better than Rap or some pop crap IMAO.

    Loved the MVP's coming out during the pregame.

    I like Cowher, good to see someone so passionate as a coach and have it finally follow through.


    My gawd, Aretha and A. Neval completly destroyed our national anthem.

    WHY Detroit. Had a SB feel, but it was severly missing that SB feel.

    Too much motown

    United Airlines commercial was completly stupid.

    Guess I should include the refs. They in sense took 14 points away from Seattle. That PI on the TD was lame. Even the media says as well. And hold on the other when Seattle got to the one. The more than likely would have got a TD You know, if the NFL wants to use these refs, keep them as a team and not the best of all refs. Need team chemistry.

    I persoanlly think it was tacky that Bettis retired right after the game. It could have waited. He took to much away from his teams win.

    Thank god the Bettis talk is over.

    Those might be the ugliest Super Bowl champion hats ever

    Randel El really should be the MVP. After that hit he took. The way he was acting on the field, I thought his carrer was over. And coming back and doing what he did, I was impressed. Love Hines, but Randel El I thought was impressive.

    Seattle kicker. I know they are long FG's, but you need to make those indoors and in the SB.
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    I agree with most of that. I thought the game, for the most part, was pretty boring, and that the ref's took alot out of it.

    There were some good commercials (monkeys at work, most of the budweiser commercials), but they weren't great.

    It just didn't feel like a superbowl. I have no idea why Brady was out there for the coin flip. I guess the higher-up decided it wasn't a superbowl without Brady?

    I was in pain during the entire half-time show, but that's pretty normal.

    Next year's superbowl will be much better, because the Broncos will be in it.