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that was THE most DISGUSTING game i have ever seen

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  • that was THE most DISGUSTING game i have ever seen

    i am really annoyed about the superbowl and how it was completeley degraded last night. that was the BIGGEST game of the year and i have NEVER seen a game refereed as badly as that. i have never thought there was actual cheating but that REALLY made me think.

    i started off favouring the steelers as i like bettis but by the end of the game i was PRAYING for a seahawks win.

    did anyone else feel really sorry for seattle?? the steelers were the BIG team with the MANY fans and ALL the publicity and the seahawks worked hard, outplanned and outplanned the steelers only to be ripped of TIME and TIME and TIME again, IT WAS DISGUSTING.

    i wonder how steeler fans REALLY feel, how would you feel if denver won the SB like that??? happy but a little ashamed?? like i would.

    the TD taken away
    ben's TD that never went over
    TWO BIG 3rd down completions called back
    TWO big warrick returns called back

    and the list goes on and on and on.................. with alot of phantom holding calls.

    anyway, what i'm saying is that i believe there should be an investigation into the referee's and they should be FIRED - I HOPE THEY NEVER REF A SB OR PLAYOFF GAME AGAIN!!!!! - i was glad the commentators were even saying how bad alot of the calls were - even an english steeler fan was getting embarrassed!!!

    i know ppl will say teams should overcome bad calls but THAT MANY CRUCIAL do you do it??

    i heard one commentator say that seattle need to overcome this as everyone wants the fairytale bettis ending BUT THEY SHOULD NOT HAVE TO - IT SHOULD BE CALLED STRAIGHT DOWN THE LINE!!!

    what do you think should happen??????? - investigation?

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    Poorly officiated!!!!

    It did seem unusual that everytime Seattle made a play to make the game close, they took it away. Some of the holding calls were "weak". The most rediculous was the call against Hasselbeck when he tackled the DB that had just intercepted him. The officials called an illegal block resulting in a personal foul, adding 15 yards to the interception return. Absolutely stupid call!!! I guess we should have been ready for it after the interception call in the Pittsburg/Indy game. Having been a football official at the high school level, I generally give them a break, but consistently making obvious mistakes in the biggest game of the year is totally unsatisfactory. I can imagine the game officials report/critique from a losing high school coach after a game like that. It is a sad day in the history of the NFL!!!


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      Maybe the officials in the SB where trying to make it up to their counter part who called a bad game and got a rock toss through his front window. The NFL needs full time refs. yesterday was a disgrace and I'm a bronco fan and really could care less who really won yesterday.