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    Any pics of Friehauf? I didn't see him in there.

    "When Kepler found his long-cherished belief did not agree with the most precise observation, he accepted the uncomfortable fact. He preferred the hard truth to his dearest illusions; that is the heart of science."
    - Carl Sagan


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      Looks like Mauck is staring at BVP in the picture

      BVP looks huge


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        It does kind of look like Mauck is checking out BVP lol, and to answer your question silk, there is no solid #2. From what i can tell both BVP and Mauck have shown progress and Kanell may get it just because of his experience. Personally i like BVP because of his athletic ability. I agree we need to find a way to get him on the field. If we didnt already have a few young project safeties..... maybe he can put on 100 or so pounds and be the stud DT we need.


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          To me it looks like Mauck is trying to tell a joke, Kanell is just trying to fit in, Jake is trying to get the joke, and BVP is trying to pay attention.
          Go Broncos, Lakers, Angels!