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    Originally posted by broncofan303
    hahahah..thats you know why he's getting the 2nd spot? its all about Reps, anybody who plays football understands reps, the coaches want to see what you've got and that's why he's the end of pre-season don't be shocked if he's cut and put back onto the practice squad...

    And honestly, if you watch this guy live, he's horrible..he's got the running ability but dude can't throw a spiral or any accurate passes...each day I've been out, I swear, on 7 on 7 and 11 on 11 drills he's gone 2 for 11 each day.. he doesn't belong in the NFL as a QB...
    So you can tell he doesn't belong in the NFL?

    But the coaches want to see more of him?

    Someone is wrong here.


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      We will find out who is wrong about Bradley soon enough. I must admit he has been awful the 3 days I have watched. He hasn't made an NFL Roster during the regular season. I for one say he will never start a game in the NFL.