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    Originally posted by BroncoBailey024
    u dont no wat he will do in the pros
    But I did stay at a Holiday Inn Express last night


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      I think that if the broncos were to draft a quarterback, it should be virginia tech's Marcus Vick. Of course im a little biased cuz im a big Tech fan, but he really is one of the best quarterbacks in college ball right now. Jake is ok, but sometimes hes not at his best, thats why we should get a quarterback in the draft, cuz then we might have a quarterback that can be a real good backup. somebody said that Van pelt was enough of a backup, i dont think so, i think we need a better backup.


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        The broncos will not and should not draft a QB in the 1st round, for multiple reasons.

        1) Need at other Positions

        WR - Lelie may very well not pan out for us, which does not bode well at all, seeing as Smith's window is closing. We can expect maybe 2 more years from rod, and then who do we turn to? I dont see lelie, watts, or anyone the roster for that matter outside of maybe devoe, and he is a definate long shot.

        DLine - This year's line has been effective thus far, but Warren may opt out after this season. The dline needs one more impact player at either the DE or DT position, and their are man players this year that can fill that gap in the draft.

        Safety - Lynch has covered the run well, and has delivered big hits, but long since are the days of atwater, and the need of a ball hawking safety is ever present. Darnell Bing is solid out of USC, so are Landry, Huff, and Greg Blue

        OT - With lepsis' imminent departure next year, the tackle position needs to be looked at seriously. With a high pick, ferguson is a no brainer, but I also like Winston Justice out of USC, and Eric Winston out of Miami U.

        2) Plummer

        Plummer has been great for us IMO, and is still improving, as shown by his decrease in turnovers and ability to manage the team on the field. Unless Plummer tanks this year badly, he will be here for a long while, and I for one will not be complaining. Their is no QB outside of Leinart (who i feel is overated to some degree) that I would replace plummer with, and I dont see Washington giving us a #1 pick (which is were ESPN's hype-o-meter will shove him into, letting whatever team is desperate this year for a franchise QB)

        3) History

        History says shannahan does not pick QB's early, never in the first round, and rarely in the 2nd. I feel the situation we have at hand right now does not call for him to adress the QB position this year.

        Here is my big board for 2006, at this point in the year (take into account this takes into account need, and overall value of the player)

        1. D'Brickashaw Ferguson, OT Virginia
        2. Mario Williams. DE North Carolina St
        3. Mathias Kiwanuka, DE Boston College
        4. Eric Winston, OT Miami
        5. Reggie Bush, RB USC
        6. Jimmy Williams, CB Virginia Tech
        7. Haloti Ngata, DT Oregon
        8. Ahmad Brooks, MLB Virginia
        9. Jimmy Williams, CB Virgina Tech
        10. Chad Jackson, WR Florida
        11. Mercedes Lewis, TE UCLA
        12. Marcus Mcneill, OT Auburn
        13. Michael Huff, S Texas
        14. Laron Landry, S LSU
        15. Rodrique Wright, DT Texas
        16. Jesse Mahelona, DT Tennessee
        17. Santonio Holmes, WR Ohio St
        18. Daryn Colledge, OT Boise State
        19. Leonard Pope, TE Georgia
        20. Greg Eslinger, C Minnesota
        21. Tamba Hali, DE Penn St
        22. Jeremy Trueblood, OT Boston College
        23. Derek Hagan, WR Arizona St
        24. Jay Cutler, QB Vanderbilt
        25. Claude Wroten, DT LSU


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          Originally posted by PsychoChicken
          I sure as hell hope we do not draft a QB in round 1. Sure, there will be some good ones in round 1: Leinart, Jacobs, Quinn (if he declares), but if we must have one, we can certainly wait a little bit to draft the likes of Vanderbilt's Jay Cutler, who is my favorite college quarterback. He looked terrible against LSU, though the pass protection was abysmal. (-20 yards on 10 rushing attempts, and one of those attempts was a 19 yard gain, so without that it would've been -39 on 9 attempts) This season, I expect Cutler to throw about 3,000 yards, 20 TDs, and 13 INTs with a 60% completion percentage. The stats don't really impress me, but watching him repeatedly makes it evident that he is the QB in the SEC. He's got poise, heart, leadership, and nearly miraculous accuracy in spite of the talent, or lack thereof, around him.

          So forget those first round QBs: go Cutler!
          talk about lack of talent. In the 3rd quarter, Vandy had dropped 5 passes that hit them in the hands that wouldve been either huge first downs or touchdowns against georgia. if he gets some real players around him, he'll succeed
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            My opinion on this matter is that yes we should draft a qb. lets face it jake is not getting any younger and this year has great qb's coming out. I think that we should draft a qb either vince young or omar jackobs or brad smith because they fit our scheme better then matt lienert or any other pocket passer.

            If we do draft a qb this year that doesn't mean that he has to start as of next year unless he win the job. i think we should draft one this year because the class coming out is amazing and with us having a starter already we can put him on the back burner for a year or 2 and let him develop and learn the system.

            And i do agree that we need other position more but lets face there are no first round caliber WR out there that we can get at the postion that we'll be in. Maybe 2nd or 3rd we could get a WR. Lets remember that we have 2 first round picks next year so that means that we can fill 2 weak points on our line up. Like Washington did this year with our number 1 pick, filled a hole at CB and drafted jason cambell for future development. i think that would be the best way to go.

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