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Gm Game: Plans for FA and Draft (part 1)

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  • CanadianElway
    Jets draft

    Here's what i would've done as Jets GM (scribbled my picks in a notebook live as i checked the draft on my cell hard as it sounds!):

    4- The New York Jets select..... from Ohio State University... A.J. Hawk OLB
    35- The New York Jets select.... from UTEP....Thomas Howard OLB
    40- The New York Jets select....from USC...LenDale White RB
    71- The New York Jets select...from Georgia...Leonard Pope TE
    74- The New York Jets select...from Georgia....Max Jean-Giles G
    97- The New York Jets select...from UCF....Brandon Marshall WR
    103- The New York Jets select...from U of South Carolina...Ko Simpson S
    117- The New York Jets select...from Penn State University...Alan Zemaitis CB
    138- The New York Jets select...from U of Alabama....Mark Anderson DE
    173- The New York Jets select...from Stanford University...Babatunde Oshinowo DT
    211- The New York Jets select...from Georgia....D.J. Shockley QB

    UDFA signings (targets)- DonTrell Moore RB, Mike Bell RB, Marcus Vick QB

    Tomorrow i will post my thoughts and reasons behind my picks. (inet place is closing) Comments?

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  • CanadianElway
    Jets Draft

    Hey guys, i know this thread kinda died but i decided to post my draft as i did it last night (13 hr time difference)...i was a bit tanked, but i think my picks were pretty solid. Sticking to my original draft plan i went D first HARD. (at the time i also made a drunk spur of the moment one, which just relied on pure gut instinct and little consideration of my draft rankings. I will post both versions. Original draft plan in bold.

    4- The New York Jets select..... from Ohio State University... A.J. Hawk OLB
    35- The New York Jets select.... from UTEP....Thomas Howard OLB
    40- The New York Jets select....from USC...LenDale White RB
    71- The New York Jets select...from Georgia...Leonard Pope TE
    74- The New York Jets select...from Georgia....Max Jean-Giles G
    97- The New York Jets select...from UCF....Brandon Marshall WR
    103- ?

    The drunken (no board) one
    4- Matt Leinart QB
    35- Winston Justice OT
    40- LenDale White RB
    71- Leonard Pope TE
    74- Max Jean-Giles OG
    97-Brandon Marshall WR

    In the first scenario i stick to my gameplan and pass on a franchise QB to make my LB corps one of the league's best. Howard will play SS, (walked on as a SS) rather then LB and can really lay the lumber...his 40 speed is 4.38. I like his matchup against fast TEs. Hawk will be sick. With Vilma and Hawk roaming the field teams will not gain much extra yardage in the areas they patrol. Given my earlier signing of Kemoeatu (and if i hadn't done that i'd be drafting gabe watson coming up) the defense would be looking good. I had Cromartie/Carpenter/Lawson and Howard really high and only howard was left by 35....and just barely. I like my talent though and can see a smooth transition form veteran team to young team in the next 2 years as i let my veterans leave or they retire.

    In the second, my day of soccer and beer took over and i thought all offense. Leinart gets teamates with 35 and 40, and WILL be protected as my next 2 picks would both be OL to replace Mawae and Fabini and Kendall soon (i still have those 3 as i signed them in FA). didn't expect leinart to be there at all, but i think my 1st scenario is better for the team given the $ invested in Pennington. Let me know what you think of my day 1 draft, and if u feel like it post urs for ur adopted team (after the fact makes it a bit easier) for ur team. Might be interesting and help u kill time between picks. Cheers all.

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  • CanadianElway

    We all picked teams way back, and had to resign, release...and (maybe sign free agents). We have done different stuff with out picks and players, but essentially, each person who controls a team would draft for that team. I think the whole thing kinda fell apart as there were no bidding wars and no one responded after FA started. we have about 10 people playing, if any remain. Hopefully people will be jumping back in close to the draft.

    My plans would have been to sign Kemoeatu...and not blow up the Jet O-line, with Mawae, Kendall, Fabini, all back. Experience to block for Curtis Martin. I have yet to address QB, but am leaning towards a 2 year deal for Maddox after the draft.

    I traded Abraham for the lions 2nd and 3rd picks. So i have picks 4, 35, 40, 71, 74 on the first day. Plans are to build a sick D and let the offense be the make or break part of the team...i think with long as we get a breather back, we should be able to stay in most games.

    I'm sure if u wanted to have a team to pick for in the draft no one would have a problem. My memory tells me these teams are already taken:


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  • WhatWould#7Do
    I'm interested. I'm just a little confused on what's going to happen.

    Is it like a draft with polls, or r there people representing teams that choose based on that teams needs?

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  • CanadianElway
    Well, since no one responded with their own signings, i guess that's not how we're doing this...i guess we'll only do the draft? Maybe.

    Well, my plans would have been to sign Kemoeatu, and potentially sign Witherspoon or Arrington, depending on a price tag. Larry Allen might have been a possibility. Anyways, if anyone wants to do the draft still, we should come up with a way to work it. any ideas? I would suggest a 2 day on-the-clock process, about 2 weeks before the draft, as we have all the teams in the top 6....the top 6 picks can be made predraft, and the rest post draft (since there are teams that aren't being used...later picks made after the draft would replace the actual pick made by said team....just an idea to actually do the draft in a realistic way. Anyways, if anyone still wants to play, speak now or forever hold ur peace.

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  • CanadianElway
    Jets offer to DT Maake Kemoeatu

    The Jets have made an offer of 22 million for 5 years to Maake Kemoeatu, with 7 million of it guranteed. Kemoeatu is considering the offer.

    The Jets have also begun talks with Will Witherspoon and Charles Woodson. LaVar Arrington has been talking with the Jets, but no formal offer has been made yet.

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  • CanadianElway

    New York- (Reuters/AP) The New York Jets, once beseiged by cap problems, suddenly find themselves with a glut of possibilities and cash. The Jets seem to be looking to the Defensive side of the ball first, as LaVar Arrington was seen at JFK being greeted by Jets coaches and the new GM. While the Jets defense is not a perfect fit for a player of Arrington's abilities, it is thought that the Jets would like to switch to the 3-4 if they can acquire the right personnel. Several hours later former Ravens DT Maake Komoeatu was seen at La Guardia getting into a Limo with the new GM. Things in New York are looking up.

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  • Tatum26Bell
    The Bears are looking to sign Antwan Randel El....

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  • CanadianElway

    The NY Jets are now under the cap... Projected to be over, but planning to rework the deals of several key veterans on Dfense. (Keep in mind that Abraham is gone for me, so -8M from that projection)

    Sean Ellis is currently in negotiations with the team, as is DeWayne Robertson....
    the Jets are looking to slash both players current Cap #'s in half. Also L. Coles is expected to restructure his contract to help the Jets free up space to go after a key FA or two. Looking at resigning James Reed (NT)

    For More Info:

    In FA the Jets are looking for some D-Line and Secondary help.

    Possible FA targets include:
    Ty Law
    Isaac Bruce
    Ryan Pickett
    Damione Lewis

    (Please let me know if there is a RAMS guy, whether or not YOU have released said players)


    Can u tell i FINALLYhave my inet cafe back???

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  • CanadianElway

    Anyone know of a good site that will teach me more about the benefits of the 3-4 over the 4-3 and viceversa?? I know very little about the 3-4 as i usually go 4-3/cover2 in madden and 4-4 (to stop the option) in Ncaa football. Which is incidentally how i learn a lot, since the differences between Canadian and American football are vast, and i spend most of my time watching hockey (not that i don't love watching the broncos games but their games aren't often on...i get Jet games and Giant games....ughhhh) and Now that i am in Japan, it's hard to find football info at all. A little help to deepen my understanding of the 3-4 would be greatly appreciated.

    Hope everyone is good as FA approaches. We'll need some rules or something though i think before we start bidding...maybe MoFo JoRo can clarify what happens with the FA...although he may be out of comission with that arm surgery.

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  • CanadianElway

    Glad to see people are still playing. I guess i didn't realize y'all had done all your wheeling and dealing. Course, both ur ships are in better shape than constant bailing of water for you. However, i think i got it under control now. Just trying to feel out some offers, see if any interest abounds. Thanks for replying though, so i know ur pretty much set until FA starts up (SF- what about Beasley?)

    For everyone else:
    I have o-line still on the table. Kendall, Mawae, Fabini, Jones. looking for picks. Anyone looking for veteran help on the O-line, send me a message and maybe we can work something out.

    My Cuts:
    Williams Jr

    Abraham (Franchised) (Traded to Lions)

    Unsigned UFA:
    Law (11million roster thank you)

    Restructured contracts:
    Pennington (3million)
    Martin (3million)

    Draft picks: (day 1)

    (Day 2)
    2 4th Rders
    5th Rder
    6th Rder
    7th Rder

    Trade possibilities

    Picks- 4th overall, asking for a plethora of picks in return, must include a 1st Rder amongst the picks coming in return for the 4th.

    Picks- both 2nd Rders and the Chiefs 4th Rder for a 1st Rder (keep in mind my 2nd Rders are early)

    Denver- any chance of DJ being traded?

    Chargers- What are u doing with Brees? (i can't remember if u franchised him)

    Rest of the league- Any D players up for grabs? let me know as i am looking at my Dfense first.

    Cheers. Glad to know we're all still here.

    MoFo JoRo.... how will FA work...10 days to beat an offer?

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  • Dawgfan
    Gonna cut a few more players: Here's what I already announced

    - Browns Free Agents


    Orpheus Roye
    Mike Pucillo
    L.J. Shelton


    Antonio Bryant
    Ray Mickens
    John Owens (Never heard of him)
    Kyle Richardson
    Orlando Ruff
    Aaron Shea
    Ben Taylor
    Kenard Lang

    Seek Trade for:
    William Green for 4th-5th rounder


    On top of that I will cut Michael Lehan and Jason Fisk.

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  • elwayfan805

    im not intrested in trading Johnson or my first round pick im set on my team for now but i might be intrested depending on how free agency goes

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  • Dawgfan
    I am, I already dumped all the players I needed to get rid of and am now waiting free agency and the draft.

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  • CanadianElway
    Anyone still playing besides me and Champ?

    I'd like to entertain offers for the 4th overall pick, so if anyone has some serious interest, hit me up with an offer. It won' be cheap though. Looking for picks picks picks! As for my deal with the Lions, it hurt, but an unhappy Mr Abraham doesn't benefit the new atmosphere we are planning in NYC. The team first concept will really unite this team.

    SF- still interested in Johnson, also in your 1st pick. let me know what it would take.

    TX- Interested in your 2nd and 3rd rounders. I have O-linemen for sale.

    If there are any players anyone is interested in let me know and we can hash something out

    As for more Jets News...with the contracts of John Abraham and Ty Law off the books and the restructuring of Martin and Pennington's deals, and the release of Jay Fiedler, the Jets are now under the cap. (I'm not doing the math or anything yet since the CBA is still screwed up, but we're close.)

    In Free Agency, the Jets plan to look for a DT or DE and some secondary help as well, and of course a solid backup for Pennington, Maddox might be a cheap option for us.

    The draft is looking good for us, with 5 first day picks. 1st Rd- #4 2nd Rd-#4 #9 3rd Rd #4 #9.

    We also have 2 4th Rders....we should actually have #4 and #20 in the first Rd since Edwards leaving should have gotten us WAAAAAYYYY more from the Chiefs...but as per usual the Jets blanked the dog on that one...good thing i am at the helm now!
    J-E-T-S baby!!!!

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