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Jets to trade up to number one?

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    Originally posted by Momentum
    Carry the load? Reggie has never carried the load but all he has done is score touchdowns in every way imaginable.
    Against exactly what defenses? Certainly not the Pac-10s. They don't believe in defense out west.


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      Absolutely Not True!!!!

      Running Backs take more punishment than Offensive Linemen? What planet are you from? They don't refer to the line of scrimmage as the "pit" for nothing. On every play, the linemen get pounded and cut and clipped and its all legal. That is why most wear metal braces on their knees. Defensive linemen are usually part of a rotation;whereas, you do not take your stud left tackle out as part of a rotation. If you did, your QB would probably be killed. As a couple of posters said, you can start to build your franchise with a great left tackle.