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    Originally posted by Broncosinindy
    the problem with abraham is he is older then a draft pick and has proven himself ...with a draft pick its hit or miss.. i think if denver is close as they think they are they have to go with abraham just becuase he i a proven commodity..but if you want to inject some youth in your system that is the way we should go
    we do have 2 1sts-- if we were to trade for abraham, no reason you couldn't draft a DT with the other 1st. . . abraham is till in his prime, he should be good for the length of a 1st rounders contract anyways. . . but i do think we are close and an elite pass rusher could vault our D into the ranks of the top Ds in the league, especially as our young corners continue to develop. . . we could also spend a lower pick on a DE like parys haralson or victor adayenju (sp?), although you don't want to spend ALL of your picks on DL, obviously. . .
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      Any other year i would like trading a 1st round #29 for an elite pass rusher but with huge cap clearing cuts expected to be made I think we should see whats out there before we start throwing our picks out there. if we could aqcuire a good DE while still retaining our 1st I would be much happier.


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        Originally posted by Colorado69
        How can the Broncos afford a high-priced Veteran DE? This years draft gives the team the chance to build a great defensive line. Remember that rookies are usually much cheaper than veterans. Trade up and grab Mario Williams and there are still three or four picks on day one. It is a deep draft in many places, so take advantage of it and sign some long-term contracts that won't kill the cap every year.

        last year we were in a similar situation and look at the number of additions that were made

        we signed all of our rookies, plus took on myers, ekuban, brown, and warren, as well as dayne, alexander, terrell, gold, and a few developmental players i forgot.