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Najeh Davenport?

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  • Najeh Davenport?

    What do you think of him coming to Denver to compete with Dayne as Anderson's replacement? Unlike Jamal Lewis he should have a signable price tag...

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    No thx and if I were to choose one running back to join the Broncos it will be LenDale White.


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      Najeh davenport is actually a very underrated player who under the right circumstances could do they load, he was mainly Ahman Green's backup / 3rd down back but when Green got injured, so did Najeh Davenport so he couldnt show what he could do when he was starting (and instead we had the revelation that was Samko Gado) but the GB staff were very high on him and a lot of evaluators think that he definitely has starting potential, albeit he hasnt had the chance to show it yet, so it will be a gamble, but then again I dont see him costing very much to sign, definitely not even the kind of money the Vikes threw at Chester Taylor
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        I doubt Lendale will fall to Denver's first pick. Could happen if Minnesota and Baltimore think their RB situation is adequate by draft day, but I wouldn't put all my eggs in one basket there. Davenport would probably be a cheap pricetag that could potentially get 5 yards a carry as he did in GB. Plus he has the burst that Ron Dayne lacks to be a true short yardage back.


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          Davenport is good and I would much rather have him than Lewis. A good all around player where Lewis is just a runner. Davenport is a 3DRB.
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