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Do We Need to Draft a RB in the 1st Round?

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    Originally posted by Broncos724
    No, we don't, and I guarantee you Shanahan won't do it either. He is quite happy with taking RB's in the second round or later, as evidenced a couple years ago when he passed up Steven Jackson in the 1st. We can use our first rounders to improve the D-line or add a WR/TE. Quite frankly I am satisfied with taking RB's later on, because after all we got CP in the 2nd round, and that worked out pretty well

    yeah, until we traded him away


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      TB is too low on our list of needs to invest a 1st rd. pick in. Our cap situation doesn't allow all but one of the following needs to be addressed in FA (which would bbe requisite before drafting a TB)..... DE, DT, WR and TE. In addition, I would list G as a bigger priority than TB, but there is no way I'd draft a G in the 1st rd. either.
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        No RB in 1st round!

        The needs of the team and the talent present in this draft will allow the Broncos to get a good RB in the 3rd or 4th round. DE, DT, TE, and WR are all higher needs than RB. THere will be several talented RBs available in the middle rounds. Get the final parts to the defense and then start on the offense. Shannahan has proven that he can work miracles on offense with late round picks, so build the defense and then add the offensive talent.